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What Are RESOLVE Support Groups?

RESOLVE offers two different support group options.

Peer-led Support Groups

  • A RESOLVE volunteer hosts and facilitates peer-led support groups.
  • A peer-led support group is not intended to be a replacement for private counseling or a professionally-led support group.
  • Peer-led support groups are composed of a varying number of people.
  • Groups are often “drop in” in nature.
  • Generally a peer-led group lasts two hours.

Professionally-led Support Groups

  • A mental health professional leads a professionally-led support group.
  • The support group leader will provide a safe place where individuals can process feelings relating to infertility or their family building efforts.
  • Professionally led support groups are often composed of 8 to 10 individuals or 4 to 5 couples.
  • Sessions are scheduled weekly for 10-12 weeks. Support group leaders often have an intake appointment with each participant prior to the start of the group.
  • The support group leader will bring up specific topics for discussion.
  • The support group leader will ensure that no one person dominates the group.

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