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Find a Support Group

A support group, whether professionally-led or peer-led, will help you feel less isolated, empower you with knowledge and validate your emotional response to the life crisis of infertility. Find a support group near you.

What are RESOLVE Support Groups?

Discover the differences between peer-led and professionally led support groups.

Is a Support Group Right for Me?

A support group can be beneficial at certain points in the infertility experience. Find out if a support group might be right for you.

Benefits of Joining a Support Group

One of the most important benefits of participating in a support group is a decrease in the sense of isolation so many people feel when they are experiencing infertility. Plus, a 2000 study found that attendees of RESOLVE support groups had higher pregnancy rates than women who didn’t attend a support group.

How to Start a RESOLVE Support Group

Discover how to start and manage a RESOLVE Support Group in your area.

Support Group Testimonials

Read how RESOLVE support groups have impacted the lives of people in the infertility community.

Connect with Others Online

If there are no support groups in your area, please consider starting one and/or joining one of our online support communities.