Pregnancy After Infertility

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Pregnancy After Infertility

Transitioning from Your Fertility Specialist to Your Ob/Gyn

Learn what to expect when you transition from your RE to a Ob/Gyn.


After years of struggling with infertility, being pregnant may feel joyful, sad, and frightening. Along with the profound relief at finally achieving pregnancy comes the anxiety. You are not alone in experiencing these feelings.

I'm Pregnant, Now What?

“Your test results are positive, congratulations, you’re pregnant”. It is everything that you wished for and spent years trying to achieve. You are shocked, elated, scared, tearful, joyful and in disbelief. Now what?

Join our Living After Infertility Resolution Online Community

Connect with others who have resolved their infertility through pregnancy and parenting.

Myths and Facts about Pregnancy After Infertility

You are probably feeling overwhelmed with emotion. There are probably many things you "should" be feeling. Learn about what the myths and facts are relating to pregnancy after infertility.

Personal Story: Rejoicing Over Dryer Lint

It is only in going through the hurt, the inadequacy and fear of not conceiving, though that we come to appreciate the pink dryer lint.

Pregnancy Between Infertility Friends

What do you do when you become pregnant and your infertile friend doesn't?

Surviving the Two-Week Wait

Waiting to hear the “news” about your cycle may be exhausting; it is like being on a rollercoaster of hope and fear. Consider these survival tips.