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Support During Mother’s Day

When you love someone with infertility, you know that part of this disease is enduring an emotional roller coaster. Often certain holidays or social situations can be a trigger for women and men.

With Mother’s Day on the horizon, we asked women living with infertility to offer some tips for how to handle this time with your friend or loved one. Join the conversation on our Facebook page or follow us on Twitter for more ideas.

1. Acknowledge this day may be difficult for her. Ask what she needs for the day to be easier.

2. Ask her to pick a day where you and your friends can shower her with some special attention.

3. Educate yourself about her condition (if you know), what family building option she’s pursuing, or infertility in general. This website has information on all of that—use the search box.

4. Suggest that Mother’s Day celebrations for your family can be done at home instead of in a crowded restaurant with a ton of people celebrating.

5. Remember, she’s trying so hard not to take joy away from the mothers in her life that are deserving of a celebration, but sometimes the grief of her infertility is overwhelming.

6. Just tell her you care about her and her journey. #StartAsking what you can do to help.

Becky’s Story:  

This year, Becky decided to take the RESOLVE Challenge and use National Infertility Awareness Week to fundraise for RESOLVE. When her mom made a donation to RESOLVE is Becky’s honor, Becky told us this:

I feel like it was her way of saying I wish I could do something for you, and although I can't, at least I can contribute to your cause!

Thank you Becky and Becky’s mom for your support!