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This week PETA launched a campaign in "honor" of National Infertility Awareness Week®.  We don't want to give PETA anymore attention, but let's just say it has angered the entire infertility community and rightfully so.

RESOLVE is urging you to take your "passion for PETA" and respond with RESOLVE. 

Here's what we can do together: 

1. Make your voice heard!  On May 5th in Washington, D.C., infertility advocates from all over the country will come together to tell Congress that people with infertility matter! If Congress does not get the message, infertility will continue to be under-researched, under-funded, and misunderstood by our lawmakers and the public. 

2. Sign the petition. RESOLVE Hope Award winner, infertility, blogger and RESOLVE of New England Board Member Keiko Zoll has started a petition to urge PETA to remove the mention to National Infertility Awareness Week.  Add your name to the growing list.

3. Bust a Myth! It's clear we need better public understand of infertility. PETA called infertility an  "issue" and pleaded with the infertility community to "just adopt".  Help us Bust an Infertility Myth during National Infertility Awareness Week®.  Bust a Myth here. 

4. Walk it out!  There are Walk of Hope activities popping up all over the country. The Walk of Hope is RESOLVE's popular fundraising event.  Help RESOLVE's mission by including your family and friends and asking them to help support an organization that matters to you.  Find out more about the Walk of Hope here.

One of the most important things you can do, right now, is take 5 minutes and make a donation.  Help RESOLVE continue to fight for the rights of people with infertility.  It is our right not to be associated with campaigns that promote voluntary sterilization.  It is our right that our disease is understood. It is our right to seek the path to resolution that we choose, not what others think we should do.  It is our right to be understood. 





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