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Giuliana and Bill Rancic Speak Up About Infertility

Giuliana & Bill Rancic

Due to the stigma surrounding infertility and people’s reluctance to talk about it, there are a lot of misconceptions when it comes to infertility, including how to increase your chances of conceiving. Celebrity couple Giuliana and Bill Rancic have been living out their road to parenthood on national television, but most people are not as comfortable talking about fertility issues, even with the people closest to them.

That’s why Giuliana and Bill have collaborated with RESOLVE: The National Infertility Association and Fertility LifeLines™ to get the word out that if you’re having trouble getting pregnant, you should see a fertility specialist as soon as possible to get evaluated. The good news is that many fertility issues can be treated with conventional therapies.  Click here to watch the PSA.

Season 4 of Giuliana & Bill premiered in July 2011 at 8PM Eastern on the Style Channel. Click here to watch video highlights of this great show.

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Submitted by skitsketchjeff at: September 20, 2011
We use the same IVF doctor as the Rancics and wish them the best. It's quite a journey, and one needs to keep your spirits and sense of humor up. Along these lines, here's a humorous video I created about our fertility experience:
Submitted by jjoy at: August 18, 2011
My husband and I have struggled with infertility for six years. We have lost six babies during that time. It's SO refreshing to see a couple in the media telling 'our story' instead of the 'sixteen and pregnant', 'seventy and pregnant', 'oops i'm pregnant' story. God bless Giuliana and Bill!
Submitted by Heather at: January 28, 2011
My husband and I both love it! They are a great couple to show the ups and downs of fertility struggles. They were ahead of us treatment wise so it was informative to watch them go through each step. It seems to be the only reality show dealing with such a difficult time for a couple.
Submitted by DebbieK at: January 19, 2011
I watch the show religiously. FINALLY there is a show that I can have family/friends watch to understand what my husband and I are going through without them thinking we're being exagerrated. A lot of people don't understand that it's not as simple as "Oh we did IVF and here's the baby". There's a lot that goes into it both emotionally and physically! I have saying for years that there should be a reality show that follows several couples on their journey and this is the closest to it yet. Thanks to both Giuliana and Bill!!
Submitted by kc at: November 28, 2010
I love watching your show. I too have felt every emotion you have felt. Its just so unfair for some people to have to deal with this. We are unexplained infertility which to me is the worst diagnosis. We had 2 early m/c then did IUIs and 2 IVFs which none of them took. We have reached our insurance member benefit lifetime max amount and cant do anything else IF related. Its been 4 years TTC and I just dont know how much longer I can do this. Im starting to come to terms that we maybe a childless family. GOod luck to you xxoo
Submitted by Rahrah at: November 17, 2010
B & G our thoughts and prayers are with you. These fertility issues are a rough road to have to travel. After technically being "infertile." I have 2 IVF babies to say I'm not.
Submitted by ep at: November 3, 2010
I am so grateful to Giuliana & Bill for sharing their personal story. After suffering two miscarriages this year,I look forward to their show every week. It makes me feel like I'm not alone and it is like therapy to me. Last night's show on their reaction to the miscarraige especially spoke to me. Giuliana shared that she felt a lot of 'why me',that she felt damaged and wondered if Bill wished he had married someone else. I felt those same things after my miscarriages and was criticized by people for having those feelings. The show has truly helped me cope with my losses. Thank you G & B!
Submitted by summer at: November 1, 2010
i am so glad they are sharing this story with everyone. It is so hard to go through and very few people understand. Unless they have been through it as well. It makes me feel normal. Thank you
Submitted by Reese at: October 19, 2010
The 3rd season premier was the first time I saw this show and am now watching it regularly just because they are on the same infertility road that I'm just beginning. I find it interesting to see what they are going through and how they are handling it emotionally.
Submitted by ANAS at: October 19, 2010
My three children are IVF babies, I am so blessed and I always talk about my IVF experiences to people that are interested>
Submitted by E at: October 19, 2010
They are amazing. OUr story if almost the exact same as theirs. Any kind of loss is devastating, but especially after trying so hard to get there. My heart and prayers go out to them! What a brave couple to take a stand for all of us who have struggled on the road to parenthood.
Submitted by itlndiva at: October 18, 2010
I admire Giuliana and Bill for speaking out on infertility. Watching their show has really helped both my husband and I in that we are not alone on this journey. There are other people just like us (even celebrities.) My husband had the pleasure of meeting the couple at a trade show he was presenting at. They even talked about IVF as my husband had a few things signed for me. Very down to earth, kind-hearted people. Excellent show!
Submitted by roostergirl at: October 18, 2010
I haven't seen the show, so I can't say specifically but I'M THRILLED THAT THERE'S A SHOW ADDRESSING THE NIGHTMARE OF FERTILITY CHALLENGES!! It's a lonely, lonely place to be and it deserves more support and awareness. THANK YOU!
Submitted by goldie1973 at: October 18, 2010
I love this show! Thank you so much for having the courage to speak about your experience. They are going to be awesome parents someday!
Submitted by Carrie254 at: October 18, 2010
I wish that they had shown how hard the drug regimine is better. I feel like everyone thinks I'm crazy, and I think I'm crazy too, but I can't control it and it's exhausting. I watched the show before the infertility issues were brought to the forefront and now I won't ever miss it.

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