Voices of Infertility

Here are the 2011 Personal Stories from people with infertility:
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Unexplained infertility has made me a defective woman. I have sat in the REs office for countless hours trying not to cry. I have had more internal exams than fertile woman goes though in a lifetime; I do it all with the added burden of shame. -- Cheryl

When the odds are against you...and everything else as well.

Five years ago, I was diagnosed with PCOS. We've seen two REs, tried tons of medication and still no luck. Out of money we decided to go the foster to adopt route. Thanks to a family member that was a no go. So here we are waiting and praying for our BFP! -- Candace

Sometimes there are no answers!

Sometimes it doesn't matter how much treatment you get or what the "normal" statistics suggest. After 3 miscarriages, tests, 2 surgeries, lots of infertilty drugs - no answers. Created my family through adoption, better than I imagined! -- Lisa

Pain and Sadness.

We have been trying for a baby for 10 yrs, I have PCOS. Our friends and family have been having babies over and over. I put on a brave face, but everyday in so painful. Inside I'm screaming and no one can hear me. I think why is god doing this to us? -- Debbie

It took 10 years to have a baby. One would think the questions would be over but no, just new ones. Like, When are you having your next? or Do you want another?

Well this time I'm not silent. If you ask, I'll ask you to donate $5000.00 to start the process all over, give you some unsolicited details of the infertility process since you chose to ask an unsolicited personal question and if your lucky a few tears. -- Deborah

A life of envy.

I hate the mommy envy I feel everyday. I hate treating baby showers like they are filled with H1N1."Are u crazy, I not going to her shower! I'll cry at home in the privacy of my own home thank u very much!" 7 yrs, 2 failed IUI's, next is IVF. -- Tanya

No help for many years.

From 16 years old to 26, doctors told me the pain in my abdomen wasn't real. I was finally diagnosed with endometriosis. It had gotten so bad over the years, it completely destroyed my ovaries. We've now adopted 2 children and are very happy. -- Lara

PCOS + MTHFR + PAI-1 = 6 years of trying, 7 Doctors, Uncountable Tests & Pills, Unbelievable Pain & 3 heart-breaking miscarriages all in the last year.

After 5 years, finally got pregnant, but never made it past 6 wks 3 days. It took 2 more miscarriages at 5 wks, with in the last year to discover I have MTHFR & PAI-1. Trying to Keep the Faith that God has a plan, still hurts so much. --Amy


I've had all of them, except the one I long for, acceptance. I have not reached that point in our 17 year journey to a family. IVF is financially out of reach again and didn't work the last 4 times. So, my emotion right now, today, is sadness, again.-- Faith

Struggling with feeling like a "Woman". Infertility and PCOS have made me feel like an angry teenager and a man... not a woman.

I am 30; diagnosed with PCOS, pelvic adhesive disease, and blocked fallopian tubes. In addition to trying to conceive for 9 years, I also deal with the symptoms of my disease: depression, unwanted hair, headaches, hair falling out, acne. -- Hannah

My Ordinary Miracles.

We were devastated when we found out our only chance for success was through IVF. We did a total of 6 cycles (3 fresh and 3 frozen) before achieving our family. We now have a 4 year old daughter and 19 month old boy/girl twins. We couldn't be happier! -- Krissi

Infertility by the numbers.

It took 4 years, 4 REs, 9 IUIs, 5 IVF cycles, 4 donors, 11 embryos and 2 miscarriages before I held my son in my arms. I grieved privately for years and now celebrate with the world. I am a survivor, a warrior and now finally, a mom. -- Fran

I'm sorry, but no. You don't understand.

I'm sorry that you miscarried, I truly am. But now you have children. I'm sorry you didn't get pregnant the first month you tried. But you did the next month. Don't tell me you understand unless you're in the trenches with me. It hurts too much. -- Sara

A Happy Ending.

Tried to get pregnant unsuccesfully for 5 years. Only in my 20s with no known family history of infertility. Many failed attempts with fertility medications. Failed IVF cyles. Finally got pregnant off an IVF cycle and am expected a baby boy any day now! -- Emily

Never Lose Hope.

My husband and I have been married for almost 5 years and have struggled with infertility for 2 years. We have done one cycle of IVF resulting in a chemical pregnancy and one FET with no luck. We hope to start a new IVF cycle this summer. -- anonymous

I've been looking for Mr. Right, who apparently took a wrong turn, so I found myself 38, single and childless. So I realized, if I wanted to be a mom, I needed to do something. So I started with Donor sperm...it was supposed to be so much easier!

One year of IUI w/DS. 7 attempts, 6 completed, zero BFP's. I only thought I was missing sperm, but I learned I had severe DOR, so I had almost no eggs left. My chances with my own eggs, 3 to 5%. So, overseas for DE/DS. Today I'm 13w7d with a singleton. -- Jolene

Adoption is not the Answer PETA.

I want to share with PETA that adopting doesn't work for everyone. After 2 years struggling with infertitlity we were turned away by adoption agencies for being too young or not married long enough. Learn your facts on the issue! -- Danielle

A journey of hope and courage and a lasting legacy.

After 2 yrs of trying to get pregnant naturally and 3 yrs of infertility treatment we were able to conceive. Two months after our son was born, I unexpectedly lost my husband to complications from cancer treatment. Even at 1 year, he is just like his dad. -- Kristin

The New Normal.

My husband and I are two average people. We live in Southern New Jersey, work, have friends, and a life. But the one thing that makes us different from our friends is our inability to conceive. My husband and I married in 2008, but have been trying to conceive since 2006. I have unexplained infertility, which is more common than I ever expected it to be. Who knew that you could have something so wrong with you, with no explanation why. Since our first round failed in December, I have had to put IVF on the back seat, for a heart condition that may make us ineligible for another shot at our miracle. But even through all of this, I smile everyday. I laugh everyday. I surround myself with family, and good friends. I believe very deeply in God. And I know that if our path never leads us to conceiving our own child, that we will keep moving on, and see what the lord has in store for us next. -- Jamie

Worth Every Penny.

My husband and I decide to start a family a little later on in life. I was 32 and he 34. We first started trying naturally and encountered numerous problems. My body was acting as if it was pregnant and really wasn't. 6 months 1 year passed no baby. Then one day my uncle told me that NY State department of health sets a budget aside every year for Infertility programs. So we looked into and applied paper work after paper work and we were finally accepted into the program. However there would still be a $10,000 payment due in the beginning of the IVF cycle. Well that was a huge chunk of our saving but went ahead with it. 9 months later we have our miracle. Olivia. I used to cry every night with her. Tears of joy and how much I love her. -- Michele

Fertile Family...Except Me.

My husband and I have been trying to conceive for (almost) 4 years. His tests are all normal. I do have a mild case of endometriosis but other than that, am healthy. Our next step is IUI or just keep trying. It has been a long and frustrating 4 years. -- Amy

Success after 6 years...

After losing my son in 2001 I was unable to conveive again for a number of years. I sought the treatment of a fertility specialist in my area and after 2 years of treatment we conceived our 5 month old twins via ICSI.-- Sabrina

The Journey...Perseverance is our game.

My husband and I have been trying for 6 years. 3 miscarriages later, it is an understatement to say that it's been a struggle. We started seeing an RE in Jan. of 2011 and are hoping for a little one in our future. -- Shana

Woman births Infertility Song.

During my emotional struggles with secondary infertility, I developed a song entitled Invisible Loss that sings about a yearning for a child and connects with those experiencing infertility. It is available on YouTube. -- Deb

Breaking My Silence.

Three years into trying for a second child,I shared my story by starting a blog about our experiences with infertility/treatment both overseas and in the US. http://one-girls-journey.blogspot.com/2011/04/all-day-long-ive-felt-frozen-in-time.html. -- Kaitlin

Young and infertile.

The last thing we expected when we started TTC was that we would be infertile and still trying 3 years later. I'm stronger for it, but I'd give anything to take the pain away... No one realizes how much guilt and infertility go hand in hand. -- Lindsay

By the Numbers...

Diagnosed with PCOS. 4 years or trying; 3 with an RE. 2 miscarriages, 1 D&C, 2 IUI's, 1 IVF, 1 FET, 4 Embryos remaining. Countless ultrasounds and blood draws. FET #2 in June. = Exhausted. -- Angela

Second generation Infertility, wanting a baby for me and my mom.

Adopted and struggling now for 2 years with infertility. Wishing I could get pregnant for my mom and hating that my struggles are making her re-live her own journey...wondering why this had to happen to both of us, isn't once in a family enough? -- Leah

A Happily Ever After?

With IVF left as our only option to conceive, it was out of our reach financially. We stumbled across a research study in NY, qualified and it changed our lives - I'm 8.5 months pregnant! To help pay it forward, we started ICFI! www.MyICFI.org -- Macara

Pickled Eggs and Bucket Heads = No babies. Not yet..

0% morphology for my husband and my eggs are rotten. IVF epic failure. Now heading for the donor eggs. It's not funny, but I try to laugh anyway. Not over yet. http://pickled-egg-jar.livejournal.com -- Emily

IVF after rape

After an infection post rape, I was left with two blocked Fallopian tubes. However we were so blessed to have our first IVF attempt, transferring just one embryo a success. We now have a beautiful, healthy son. It's a battle worth fighting! -- anonymous

After struggling for years to get pregnant, woman conceives her first son through IVF only to lose him to prematurity 3 days after he is born.

I have endometriosis. After 2 years TTC, we moved on to IVF and got pregnant. At 25 weeks, I went into premature labor. Our son was born & weighed 2 lbs 4 oz. 3 days later he suffered a brain hemorrhage and died in my arms. We are trying again. -- Cathleen

Recurrent Pregnancy Loss is a form of Infertility.

I have had three easy conceptions, and three early miscarriages. Several causes have been found, but my third miscarriage occurred despite treatment. The result is the same as lack of conception--no baby. For more info http://invisiblemother.blogspot.com -- Hope

If I'm a mutant, where's my wings?

After 6 years, 4 very early miscarriages, 2 crappy, disrespectful, OB/GYN's and lots of needles, I finally found an amazing doctor and a diagnosis. I have translocated mutated chromosomes. I can become pregnant, but will never carry full term. -- Toni

The Journey for my miracle!

I battled infertility for 7 years due to PCOS! In 2008 after 8 cycles of different treatments I finally conceived my miracle! That sums it up since theres not much space to tell my "journey" -- Julie

Hopeful for a Handful.

We blog about our infertility journey on a regular basis. Since opening up and let people in to hear our story, we have made it easier for others to talk about their struggles, as well. www.HopefulForAHandful.com -- Jessi

How my prescriptions caused my infertility.

From Aug 2008 to Aug 2009 I quit birth control without any signs of ovulation. In August 2009 I had tests run and discovered I had hyperprolactinemia and the cause was my anti-psychotic. Two weeks after stopping it, I had my first documented ovulation! -- Melissa

The Hope in my Story

A successful adoption after a failed adoption and years of failed infertility treatment. -- Bonnie

Life is a miracle. Believe for the impossible. Anything can happen!

Disgnosed w/ PCOS & had 2 miscarriages before having daughter Hope. Had a heterotopic pregnancy & lost a tube before conceiving baby #2. After 6 rounds of clomid & failed IUI's, this miracle I carry came from the ovary w/ no tube! -- Jessica

IF is sneaky.

2 years of trying. 2 years of IF treatment during which I felt crazier than I ever imagined (thanks to meds). 2 adoptions later, in love with my kids but the pain of infertility still sneaks up. http://lessonsfromaninfertilesocialworker.blogspot.com/ -- Rebecca

Love+Support+Faith=Better Baby Odds

My wife and I took a short trip through the infertility rollercoaster. But it was her tenacity, our love, and consistancy that made it work for us. It inspired me to write my wife and daughters story....The Longest Love Letter!!! -- Andy

Four Years of Joy and Pain

Four Years of Joy and PainWe've endured four years of two pregnancies and two losses. I thought that keeping babies alive was our only concern but now I can't even get pregnant. We are doing one more round of injectables before we turn to adoption or IVF. I just want a child! -- Lyndsey

Infertility, a blessing in disguise

Although a painful journey, infertility has become a wonderful blessing. After IUI and the birth of our son, we went on to experience multiple failed IVF attempts and eventually adopted our daughter. We now have two miracles who were worth the wait. -- Kristy

2 Years, still hoping for a Baby

My husband and I have been trying for 2 years to have a baby. Everyday is a constant battle of emotions. We have seen my OBGYN regarding our journey and she referred us to a specialist which we go to see in June 2011. -- Heather

"God doesn't think you'd be a good mother"

That is what I hear when you tell me "it's God's will" regarding my infertility. -- Allison

The whole town is pregnant! Why aren't I?

All these meds are making me not me. I'm happy then down. I'm calm then frustrated. Thanks to my husband's caring and encouraging words, we keep going and keep trying. We want a baby so badly. We pray that one day we get our miracle. -- Ashley

Sometimes persistence pays off

6 clomid cycles (3 with IUI), 3 IVF retrievals, 5 Frozen embryo transfers (2 embryos each time, 16 total in 8 transfers), 2 surgeries, 1 miscarriage, 2 visits to an adoption attorney, 7 years and one beautiful daughter as the result. -- Amanda

Never give up, stay positive, and know you are not alone - support exists! Women are strong by nature & you can survive this! God is listening...His answer is just not now, but you will be a mom in some way some day! *hugs*

After 5 yrs of TTC, 4 m/cs, several chemicals, 3 surgeries for endo, & several fertility treatments, our Miracle arrived on 1/19/11 and is PERFECT! Worth everything went through - even the heartache! -- Shaye


I have learned through this 7 year journey, and now 4 miscarriages, just how incredibly strong I am. I've learned to define myself by my OWN attitude and choices, and in spite of the circumstances, my heart still has a giant capacity for love. -- Stephanie

8 1/2 years of despair...

My husband and I married in '01. We've been trying for a child for 8 1/2 years. Found out I have premature ovarian failure due to a genetic abnormality. Horrible depression. Broken. -- Heather

Too young for Menopause

At 35, my husband and I decided we'd try for a baby. Six months later we were told I was effectively menopausal. It took 4 more years and $50k but we had our miracle baby 4 months ago thanks to donor egg. -- Jennifer

Needed an Outlet for My Grief

After suffering a miscarriage and subsequent fertility issues these last two years it has been heartbreaking. I needed an action response to my grief. My website www.givebirthtoyourdream.com explains it all! -- Kristen

God's Hands at Work

Went through fertility meds for 4 months;gave birth to a daughter. A year later we wanted to have another child. Went through numerous doses of meds for 2 years. We went in and told them if it doesn't work we're done. By some miracle we were pregnant! -- Monica

Miracles Happen

My husband and I tried for 4 years to conceive a baby. After multiple tests (unexplained infertility), clomid, and IUIs, we tried IVF and have a beautiful 16 month boy. He is more than we ever thought we would have. -- Anonymous

Where God guides.....He will Provide.

We have had 5 IUI procedures and one IVF procedure in March. Our next scheduled IVF is in June. During this couple of months we have allowed my body to have a break from the drugs and to get healthy and rared up to go again! -- Kellee

Barren- not Childless

No one seems to understand that while I cherish my son: I'm still barren. To have never witnessed a birth, felt a quickening. I'm missing a fundamental experience. I'm not infertile or childless--I'm barren. -- Sid

After 9 years, not the ending we wanted.

In the middle of our 9 year struggle, we had a miracle and got pregnant with our son. We wanted more miracles. Instead we had 6 miscarriages, and 5 failed adoption attempts. Heartbreaking! Blessed to have a beautiful boy. Devastated that we only got one. -- Anne

Men's age can affect fertility too!

My husband is 10 years older than me, but we'd 'always heard' that male fertility doesn't decline with age like female fertility, so we never thought there'd be any "issues". A few months ago we discovered he had varicocele, which *may* be causing abnormal sperm morphology and low testosterone. Still new to IF, we are pursuing varicocelectomy, but preparing to run the IVF gambit if needed. -- Lindsey

A Long Journey to Building a Family: Hopes Up and Down, to dreams coming true.

My husband and I have tried for over eight years to conceive. After many failed IUI's we conceived with IVF. We were expecting twins, but lost them to TTTs.
We tried again, and now we have a beautiful little girl. Our dreams have come true. -- Erika

10 Months Later, It's Not About Me

I have unexplained infertility and I've been TTC for 25 years. My first ART attempt was 6 years ago with 3 Stim+TI cycles. 2 Years ago, I tried IVF for the first and only time with incredible response. 16 embryos and 4 FET's later, I have given. -- Deborah

We thought getting pregnant would be easy. Apparently, it was not... even after many rounds of IVF.

We started trying to concieve over 4.5 years ago at 32 yrs old. After the last 3 years of IVF treatments and about $50,000 our of pocket, we are still without a child. But we still have hope. Infertility has changed our lives, for worse AND for better. -- Kathleen

Keeping my head up and spirits higher!

I will keep trying and not give up. I know that if I believe in it long enough the money for the treatment will arrive. I am thankful for the man I have in my life. My journey began at the age of 20.My first husband didnt want to adopt or do IVF. He ended up leaving me after 6 yrs. My 2nd husband did the IUI with me 3x very supportive and it failed. Drs cant find anything wrong. I dont have the money for IVF sadly. I feel that this time is our time to try! -- Andrea

7 Failed IUI's but We Still Have Hope

My husband and I have been trying to conceive since November 2007. We have tried everything up to IVF (we are saving money for currently). So far to date we've had 7 failed IUI's. I was diagnosed with PCOS in March of 2011. -- Sarah


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