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Tell us who supports you through the infertility journey? Share your answer here.

My husband and I have been TTC since Nov. 2009.We have been to 3 doctors, 2 fertility specialist, I've had 2 surgeries, dealt with hyperplasia, PCOS, uterine cancer, two IUIs & still believing in God's plan...We see hope! God helps us through it all! - Jennifer, Eldon, MO

Sometimes is really hard but when I chat with people who are facing the same story I feel better. I am not the only one. It's been very painful, in my case I can get pregnant, maybe not to soon but (I been pregnant 3 times) I can't hold the baby. - Telma, CA

I truly believe that yoga, next to my husband, is what got me through the ups and downs of treatments, the failures and successes. Through the last six years, after crossing the rough waters of infertility many times, I still practice daily. - Brooke, IL

Watching other couple on YouTube going through the same or similar situations. - Katie, MN

Infertility is not a me thing it is a couple thing. We lost four kids to miscarriage and have one who is now thirteen.  We have faith God will give us another real soon. Do don't give up. Trust God he will make it happen real soon. - Michelle, FL

A husband who takes all of the ups and downs in stride.  Friends and family checking in on me regularly throughout this long journey.  And a first-class medical team of doctors, acupuncturist, and therapist. - Heidi, CA

What keeps my going in this journey is remembering what my friend Michelle told me.  She said, "I truly believe that there are people out there who God doesn't intend for them to bear children, because there is already a child out there for them." - Cassandra, MI

Jesus has set me free from all addictions that I have been struggling with, all my life. Jesus made my broken heart into a brand new heart and He filled my heart with His love, and more!!! - Andrei, VA

I was double whammied with both Endometriosis and PCOS. After countless surgeries and treatments our Doctor told us IVF was our only hope. I'm happy to say that after 7 years of tears, heart ache and Money we have our little miracle. - Brandi, TX

My husband. He helps me keep calm through love and laughter on an everyday basis. My mom. Well she is a mom and just knows how to comfort me like no one else. My fur babies. They make me smile and let me take care of them. - Nikki, IL

The who would be my husband Shawn and my best Friend Ashley. Shawna and I dont have alot of family support, it is there, but it very little for the most part we dont talk about it with our families. They both will allow me to vent and just be there for me. - Desiree, TX

I reached out to my graduate employees organization, GEO 3550, who saw access to infertility treatments as an issue that spanned gender, race, class and sexual preference. We successfully advocated for the adoption of IVF coverage starting in 2015 @UMich - Katie, NC

I started a peer led support group and that has been the best help for me.  I have met so many wonderful women who know exactly what the infertility journey is like and how it feels.  We provide support for each other and I do not feel alone anymore. - Brittany, CA

In our 7 years of unexplained IF, the many women (including mothers) in my church show their support and love by encouraging me and walking alongside of me, even when they don't feel like they understand everything we are going through. - Lori, IA

It can feel as if there is no one to support me during this journey of a childess life. However, I know that even though I feel this way I do have great friends and loved ones who even though they don't understand pick me up when I need it and love me. - Heather, OH

My husband - Chelsey, NE

Infertility faces us with many choices, and each must choose their path. There is no "right" path, just a path you feel you can survive. The love of my husband and family and the grace of God supported an 8 year journey and 13 fertility procedures. - Heather, NY

I spent much of my journey alone and scare, humbled and angry ... sometimes downright hateful.  At this juncture, almost 15 years down the line I have an amazing husband that tries to be there for me and tries to understand what it is like. - Shana, TN

God Almighty is with us all. Jesus knows this journey is so lonesome. I marched with a crowd of people in the same boat. It would have taken five minutes for my relatives to walk with me. - Donna, Washington, D.C.
The people that help and encourage me are those that are going through this same struggle of infertility. It's nice to know that I'm not alone in this journey. - Megan, WA
As of March 2015, my husband and I celebrated 12 years of marriage and we are still battling with fertility issues. I use self-care to cope and help other women do the same everyday as a Holistic Self-Care Coach & Body Image Mentor! - Erica, GA
My husband was a great support, but also a select number of friends who encouraged me and listened to me when I needed to talk. Also, women going through the same thing and having the same feelings helped me tremendously to understand I wasn't alone. - Melissa, CT


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