The National Infertility Awareness Week® challenge is about breaking the myths that surround infertility and the ways people build their families.


Are you up for the challenge?

RESOLVE understands that everyone’s comfort level is different when it comes to sharing your personal story, so we’ve created the challenge so you can determine how you want to participate. RESOLVE is asking you today to commit to the NIAW Challenge in one (or more of the following ways):

Last year in a ground-breaking article in Self Magazine, author Jennifer Wolff wrote a powerful story about one couple’s infertility journey.  This couple did everything they could to keep their infertility a secret from family and friends—even going as far as a secretly renting an apartment in New York City while they traveled there to undergo treatment.  Ultimately, the treatments worked and they are now parents.  What does their story do for the hundreds of thousands of other women and men who in years to come will be diagnosed with infertility?  Does it perpetuate the myth that infertility is a silent disease?  And because it’s kept so silent, do people with infertility matter?

RESOLVE exists to improve the lives of people with infertility.  In order to do that RESOLVE works hard to ensure that people with infertility are not ignored by their primary care physicians, insurance companies, the media , friends and family, their legislators and even each other. 




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