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 Fashion for Fertility Event

Right in your community is the perfect place to start raising awareness. There is no effort that is too small.  We are building a strong grassroots movement all over the country for the infertility communities.   Consider choosing to take an active role in raising infertility awareness. Be there for the next generation of the 1 in 8 statistic of infertility and connect with others who share your same struggles. You will impact so many lives, even if it is just a little bit, through your involvement. Want some ideas on how you can raise infertility awareness in your community?

  1. Rummage for RESOLVE. Free your mind and your home of clutter and raise money for RESOLVE.  We’ve provided an easy check-list to help you have a successful rummage sale and fundraiser. 
  2. Books that help. Ask your library to set up a display of infertility/adoption related books and provided them with signs about National Infertility Awareness Week.
  3. Food and Fun. Host a Dinner Party, Happy Hour or Benefit Night at a local restaurant: Invite those who have helped you during your infertility journey and others in your community to join together to raise awareness for the disease of infertility. ”.  You can even set up a collection for RESOLVE donations in their name or ask them to help you support your favorite infertility charity.
  4. Get Fit. Ask your yoga instructor or personal trainer for a donated class. Invite your friends to attend a special yoga/aerobics/step class donated by a trainer. Their admission fee of $20 becomes a donation, and the trainer gets the chance to build their client base. It’s a win-win for all.
  5. Challenge Yourself. Visit our First Giving page for inspiration on how set up a Challenge page.  Infertility is a challenging life crisis for millions. Honor their journey with a challenge of your own.  

Planning an education or awareness event? Submit your event and be listed on the National Infertility Awareness Week Calendar.  


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