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The following blogs participated in the 2012 Bloggers Unite Program

  1. Don't Ignore the Silence -- Look Who Found the Marbles
  2. NIAW: Listen Up! -- Bloggers for Hope
  3. Don't Ignore... -- Barrenness in a Fertile Land
  4. NIAW: Don't Ignore. . . --  Searching for our silver lining
  5. Don't ignore...-- Starjumper's Life
  6. Found my heart at a Florida beach -- Choosing Love
  7. Don't Ignore Your Inner Advocate -- This is More Personal: Speaking Honestly About Infertility
  8. "Don't Ignore" -- The Future Fords
  9. Don't Ignore...(Infertility Awareness Week) -- Mr & Mrs. Smith
  10. "Don't Ignore" -- baby dreamin
  11. National Infertility Awareness Week: Don't Ignore Endometriosis -- Life With Captain Fussybuckets
  12. Our Story - National Infertility Week - Don't Ignore -- Life as I know it (Stay-at-Home Dad-blunders)
  13. Don't Ignore Your Biological Clock -- Fertility
  14. Don't Ignore Infertility Symptoms -- Fertility
  15. Don't Ignore Infertility: but don't ignore the power of ignoring -- The Infertility Therapist
  16. Don't Ignore Infertility and Non-Profit Surrogacy -- It Started With a Bump | The bumpy road of a surrogate
  17. Don't Ignore Infertility -- Eggsausted
  18. Don't Ignore: #NIAW-- Are You Listening
  19. Don't Ignore Your Feelings Men -- Sunshine Dreams and Hopes
  20. Don't ignore the data -- Expectant Hope
  21. NIAW 2012 Don't Ignore my reality -- Tripping over lifes hurdles
  22. NIAW: Don't Ignore Each Other -- Ready To Be A Mom
  23. Don't Ignore... Your Family-Challenged Friends: My Personal Guide to Interacting With Those Who Live in the Land of Medically-Assisted Family Building-- Inferlit-He
  24. Don't Ignore Infertility! Bloggers Unite! -- Love Like Crazy
  25. Don't Ignore; National Infertility Awareness Week -- Trusting Birth, Body and Baby
  26. Don't Ignore the Signs and Symptoms of PCOS -- The PCOS and Infertility Journey
  27. Don't Forget...the Humor. Yes, I DID Say Humor! -- Laughing IS Conceivable
  28. Don't Ignore -- Letters to a Child I do not yet know
  29. Don't Ignore Infertility - Let your voice be heard, show your support and educate yourself. -- The Dream of being called Mommy and Daddy
  30. Don't Ignore... -- Everyday holds the possibility of a miracle...
  31. Living With Infertility - What It's Like Week To Week (Don't Ignore The Struggle) -- A Divine Walk
  32. Don't Ignore Adoptive Parents this National Infertility Awareness Week -- Scared to be Happy, Happy to be Scared
  33. Living With Infertility - A Guest Post -- Life With Captain Fussybuckets
  34. Don't Ignore It! -- Living a Life with PCOS
  35. Don't Ignore Infertility Support Available -- The Fertility Daily
  36. Stop Ignoring Me -- From the Heart of Alicia Marie
  37. Don't Ignore: The Secret Life of the American Infertile -- Too Many Fish To Fry
  38. Don't Ignore...Your Age -- TCRA Austin Blog
  39. Don't Ignore the War -- Dispatches From the (In)Fertility Wars
  40. Don't Ignore: Infertility Can Wreck Breastfeeding Hopes -- The Other Baby Blog
  41. Don't Ignore the Impact of Infertility-- Heroes in Hiding
  42. Don't Ignore: Infertility Doesn't Discriminate -- Life on Carolina
  43. Don't Ignore the Politics of Infertility -- Fertility This Week 
  44. "The Way We See It": Before and After -- The Ladies In Waiting Book Club
  45. Don't Ignore Infertility Week-- Are You Kidding Me?!
  46. Don't Ignore The Rollercoaster of Infertility -- Hoping in God
  47. Don't ignore... -- This Runner's Trials
  48. Don't ignore [our struggles with] infertility -- The Pursuit of Pregnancy
  49. Avoiding the Obvious -- BagMomma
  50. Don't Ignore (Even if You Get Your Happily Ever After) -- An Engineer Becomes a Mom

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