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  1. Myth: God cannot be good if I cannot conceive -- come & abide
  2. NIAW: You Don't Have To Go It Alone -- Ready To Be A Mom
  3. IVF always works -- One Good Egg
  4. "But you have a baby now" -- 4catsandababy
  5. Paying {Praying} for #3: National Infertility Awareness Week -- Sunshine Praises
  6. Bust an Infertility Myth: Infertility is not a "four letter word" and Infertility doesn't go away. -- Nick and Melody's Spawnwatch
  7. BUST A MYTH. OR TWO. -- THE HAPPIEST SEARCH - Our Adoption Journey
  8. Infertility Myth Buster!-- A Little Time, A Little Miracle
    Myth: Fertiles shouldn't talk to infertiles about infertility.
  9. Brick Walls, Stretching Up to the Heavens -- Half of a Duo, Raising a Duo (about my now three year old fraternal twin sons via traditional surrogacy, which is rare).
  10. National Infertility Awareness Week -- dandelion paperweight
  11. Things I Am Sick of Hearing: You'll get pregnant as soon as you adopt and You are so amazing for saving those kids!-- Via Ukraine
  12. Let's Bust Some Myths, and a Piñata! -- Too Many Fish To Fry
  13. Infertility Myths: Childfree Living -- Apron Strings For Emily
  14. Too young for infertility? Another myth busted! -- Beyond the Brick Wall
  15. I started early -- kate, uncensored
  16. National Infertility Awareness Week -- Single Mom 2B
  17. Bust a Myth - Preconception Testing for Infertility -- Someday
  18. Busting an Infertility Myth: Couples Without Kids Can't Be Happy -- Who am I, Why am I Here?
  19. Infertility Myths Busted - "Just Relax" -- Marquis and Emily
  20. Myth: If you're infertile, you don't deserve to have a child. -- Buford Betty
  21. Infertility Myth: IF is God's Way of Weeding out the Weak - BUSTED-- LIVE EACH DAY AS IF
  22. Infertility Myth: Women without children are never complete -- Life Without Baby
  23. Bust a Myth: All reproductive endocrinologists are the same-- A Table for Eight
  24. "Being Young Means you Don't have to Worry about Infertility" -- Donor Diva: Mother Via Egg Donation
  25. Parenting After Infertility-- Parenthood for Me
  26. You're a Mom, you’re not infertile anymore! -- Stress Free Infertility
  27. Meant To Be -- Stress Free Infertility
  28. Infertility Myth Busted: Just relax! -- Coolest Family on the Block
  29. Bust a Myth: He isn't suffering -- Infertility Journal

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