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  1. Myth: The Majority of Infertility Is Due to Age and STDs. -- infertility.about.com
  2. Myth: Birth Control Pills Cause Infertility. -- infertility.about.com
  3. National Infertility Awareness Week: Busting a Myth -- Caffeinated Mama
  4. myth busters day 3 -- Operation Bring Home a Blow
  5. Save a Child- Adopt! NIAW Day 4 -- Adoptive Momma of Two (AM2)
  6. Myth busting: God doesn't want us to be parents -- Finding Sunshine
  7. RESOLVE's Infertility Myth Challenge... 'Fantastic, you're doing IVF, so you're 100% to get a baby!' -- Infertility in China... A Journey
  8. Just Relax! -- Infertile Myrtle: Our Life As An Infertile Couple
  9. NIAW Bust A Myth: "All of the children are mentally or physically disabled, emotionally unstable, or somehow "damaged." -- Mother In Waiting: life, love, happiness, and everything in between
  10. It's NIAW and It's Complicated -- Mommy of a Monster and Twins
  11. No Winners -- in these small moments
  12. Bust an Infertility Myth Blog Challenge from Resolve -- Wonderfully Ordinary
  13. "You're So Young"!-- Stress Free Infertility
  14. Infertlity Myth [busted] -- Juliana's PCOS Jouney
  15. Myth: Just dont think about it...get drunk...enjoy it...THAT'S when it happens -- MyInnerGranola
  16. NIAW Time Again! -- Talk to Suzie (main blog)
  17. I Don't Have a Porsche, Therefore I Don't Like Kids -- Written for Him
  18. My "Bust an Infertility Myth" Blog Post -- Oh My Aches and Pains!
  19. Mythbusters Part 4: Still Fighting For Family -- The Pregnancy Companion
  20. Once you do IVF and have a baby, you'll get pregnant! -- Yes, We're one of Those Couples
  21. Deservings -- My Rotten Eggs
  22. Bust a Myth! Miscarriage Marathon -- Mommy Odyssey
  23. Bust a Myth! -- Baby Steps
  24. Infertility Myth: It isn't your baby. -- Fighting PCOS Naturally: Refusing to Let PCOS Win by changing my life for the better!
  25. National Infertility Awareness Week -Myth Busting -- Bio Girl
  26. Busting An Infertility Myth -- Seamans Crew
  27. Myth: Couples who work hard enough at having a baby will get pregnant -- The Domestic Princess
  28. International Adoption Myth #4 - You Can Adopt from Anywhere -- Via Ukraine
  29. choice means all choices -- ginger and lime
  30. Bust a Myth -- No Model Lady
  31. National Infertility Awareness Week -- Just One More Thing...
  32. "Bust an Infertility Myth" - Today's Topics: Treatment & Insurance Coverage -- The Ladies in Waiting Book Club
  33. Busted infertility myth: Privates become Public -- What the Blog?
  34. Don't minimize infertility or miscarriage -- Whitney & Erick
  35. Infertility Myth: You're Alone -- This Runners Trials
  36. National Infertility Awareness Week -- My Journey of Faith and Infertility
  37. The battle of infertility -- Ramblings of Stay-at-home mom
  38. Real Men Get Tested: National Infertility Awareness Week -- Attain Fertility
  39. Busting A Myth: All Couples Without Children Are Selfish -- Writings of An Infertile Ballerina
  40. MYTH: You can't carry to term with an arcuate uterus | National Infertility Awareness Week -- styleberryBLOG
  41. Busting an Infertility Myth -- Praying for Baby
  42. Myth: IVF Always Works-- Remember All The Way
  43. "Bust an Infertility Myth" - Today's Topic: Secondary Infertility & Parenting -- The Ladies in Waiting Book Club
  44. Bedside Manner: All Reproductive Endocrinologists are NOT Created Equal -- Laughing IS Conceivable
  45. If You Think Infertility Is Not a Common Disease, You Really Haven't Been Paying Attention-- Baby, Borneo or Bust. . .
  46. I'm Less of a Man Because I Can't Get My Wife Pregnant-- The Fertility Daily
  47. Ben Busts A Myth-- Fertilize This
  48. Myth: Infertility is God Telling You Not to Have Children-- Waiting for My Time...
  49. Bust An Infertility Myth: Infertility Is A Private Affair-- Baby Dust Diaries

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