25 Ways You Can Raise Awareness

  1. Be part of the infertility movement! Any way you can raise awareness will help increase public understanding about the disease of infertility.

  2. Increase your knowledge:

  3. Learn more about infertility. Knowledge is power.
  4. Sign up for RESOLVE’s quarterly newsletter to receive important information on the disease of infertility from noted professionals in the field and from women and men just like you.

  5. Be social and share:

  6. Share information on social media.
  7. Begin a blog about your infertility journey.
  8. Share your infertility story. Read and share inspirational quotes from people who have raised awareness about infertility. 
  9. Let people know that infertility is a disease by using the phrase, “the disease of infertility” whenever you write or talk about infertility.
  10. Share RESOLVE’s list of “25 Things To Say (and Not To Say)” to someone with infertility.
  11. Help people understand more about their reproductive health.
  12. Spread the word about personal assessment tools
  13. Share information about all the family building options.
  14. Honor someone diagnosed with infertility.

  15. Get political:

  16. Become a Grassroots Advocate. Every year RESOLVE fights anti-family bills in more and more states. We need you to help build our state advocacy infrastructure so that we are prepared to fight back in all 50 states at any time. 
  17. Share these top current federal legislative issues
  18. Share information about legislation in your state
  19. Talk to your employer about the advantages to offering insurance coverage that covers infertility and adding adoption benefits for employees.
  20. Advocate to your state’s Members of Congress in person at RESOLVE’s Advocacy Day in Washington, D.C.

  21. Get involved in person:

  22. Volunteer to represent and support the infertility community.
  23. Participate in an event.
  24. Hold an event. Right in your community is the perfect place to start raising awareness. No effort is too small. The infertility community is building a strong grassroots movement all over the country. Take a moment to think about what being part of this movement means to you.
  25. Start a RESOLVE support group.

  26. Support RESOLVE: 

  27. Become a RESOLVE sponsor to promote RESOLVE’s efforts to provide support, education, advocacy, and research.
  28. Become a RESOLVE professional member to reach those looking for local services from trusted professionals.
  29. Get your employer involved in workplace giving
  30. Share RESOLVE’s list of “25 Reasons to Support the Infertility Movement” to explain why charitable giving matters.


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