2015 Hope Award for Best Blog Recipient - Karen Grote

Ironically, after spending the majority of her twenties swearing off ever having a child, Karen Grote has spent the majority of her thirties trying to conceive one. While she first viewed the process as a closely guarded secret, month after month of disappointment, tests, and doctor visits led her to begin speaking out to family and friends and seeking support online.

In March of 2015, after over a year and a half of trying to conceive and two months of struggling with the loss of her first pregnancy, Karen decided to create a blog as a way to express her feelings and frustrations with infertility. Like all things in her life, she wanted to approach the topics of infertility and loss with frankness and humor, and hence The Delinquent Stork was created. Since then, Karen has used the website to not only speak about her personal feelings, but to also educate readers about what infertility is and what it’s like to try to beat it.

Karen is also an active member of Then Comes Family, and hopes to continue opening the conversation around infertility and loss.

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