2013 Join the Movement Blog Posts

The following blogs participated in the 2013 Bloggers Unite Program. If you would like to participate in this program, please click here.

  1. Advocate for Life  - Whitney & Erick
  2. National Infertility Awareness Week - A Boy, A Girl and A Cat
  3. Join the Movement - Opening the Closet Door - Operation Baby Gage
  4. join the movement...tell your story - teach me to braid
  5. Join the Movement - Invisible Finish Line
  6. Join the movement to make it okay to share your infertility story! - BeMamaBeWell.com
  7. Join the Movement... - ...And Why Don't You Have Kids Yet?
  8. Join The Movement: We Are a Group of Determined People - The 2 Week Wait
  9. Join the Movement - Growing Griswolds
  10. Join the Movement - The Great Big IF
  11. Join the Movement: An Ah-Ha Moment - From Gutter to Stars
  12. Join the Movement - Letters & Purls
  13. NIAW: Join The Movement - With Just a Little Help
  14. Why I Am Still Here - Chances Our 
  15. Join The Movement: Why Is This Man Here? - Sunshine Dreams and Hopes (On Wordpress)
  16. Join the Movement... Think before your speak - Missouri Girl in a Navy World
  17. Join the Movement with Infertility Man Talk:  Finding Your Inner Uterus - Almost A Father
  18. Join the movement - One step at a time
  19. National Infertility Awareness Week:  Join the Movement - Just Stop Trying and It Will Happen
  20. Join the Movement to Become a Foster Parent - Foster2Forever
  21. Join the Movement... I did! - Where the *bleep* is our stork?
  22. Join the Movement-I am joining the movement and you can too - A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To Infertility
  23. JOIN THE MOVEMENT... Unsilence the Silence - Daily Blessings
  24. Join the Movement-NIAW - Our Misconception
  25. Lets Talk About Infertility And Depression - Fertile Healing
  26. Join the Movement...National Infertility Awareness Week 4/21-4/27 - Baby Steps in Baby Making
  27. Join the Movement - Mission 2 B a Mom
  28. Join the Movement: Being a Proud Voice For Infertility - My Path to Mommyhood
  29. Join The Movement: National Infertility Week - You Are Our Wish Come True
  30. Join the Movement - something beautiful
  31. National Infertility Awareness Week 2013 - Recipe for a Family: Infertility/Adoption Support, What are the Ingredients of Your Family Building Journey?
  32. Join the Movement...Changing Infertility's Vocabulary - Life Without Baby
  33. My Call to Join the Movement - Perfectly Cursed Life
  34. Join the Movement: Imagine Yourself With Infertility - Life's Breath
  35. Don't Ignore The Pain of Infertility - Ignore Me Like You Mean It
  36. Join the Movement- Happy NIAW! - A Day in the Life of the Foster's
  37. Join the Movement - The Ink & Anchor
  38. Join the Movement - Stripping Infertility Down - Inconceivable!
  39. Join the Movement - Making Our Troxclair Family
  40. Join the Movement - National Infertility Awareness Week - Emily Plus 1
  41. Join the Movement... Bring Infertility Out of the Shadows - Inconceivable:Where Faith, Infertility & Marriage Collide
  42. join the movement...smile courageously - teach me to braid
  43. Join the Movement: Breaking the Silence about Infertility and Learning to Live Again - From Dawn to Dusk
  44. Join the Movement - My Cheap Version of Therapy
  45. Join the Movement: Share Your Story - Where's The Baby Carriage?
  46. Join the Movement - Mrs. Slick
  47. JOIN THE MOVEMENT... Infertility Etiquette - Daily Blessings
  48. NIAW: Join the Movement to Support those Dealing with Secondary Infertility - Bereaved and Blessed  
  49. Join The Movement With Infertility Man Talk: You Can Be The Jimmy Dugan Of Your Infertility Team - Almost A Father 
  50. How to care for a waiting friend - Bumber's Bumblings

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