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Brooke Kingston

Advocacy, Awareness and Fundraising

Volunteering has been a huge part of my healing, and it has introduced me to amazing people and given me incredible opportunities to make infertility a little bit less lonely for others… My goal every day is that through my volunteering, I’ll help someone feel less alone and give them the tools to help them be a more effective advocate for themselves.”—Brooke Kingston, Arizona

Brooke hosts a peer-led support group, chairs the Arizona Walk of Hope, and attended her first Advocacy Day in 2014.  She also enlisted her support group and online network to join the 2014 RESOLVE Support Group Challenge to underwrite new support groups across the country. 

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Advocacy and Support

I got into infertility advocacy because I was not happy with the laws and insurance coverage relating to infertility. I am upset that infertility is not covered by insurance for most people, including myself, and I wanted to do whatever I could to change that… Being a support group leader has affirmed my beliefs that we need to support one another.  Together we are stronger.” – Whitney Anderson, Virginia

Whitney hosts a RESOLVE peer-led support group, co-chairs Advocacy Day, and successfully testified against a Personhood bill in Virginia.

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Federal and State Advocacy

When I first became involved with RESOLVE, I simply wanted to help infertility patients and make RESOLVE better… Not long after, we started seeing political threats to reproductive medicine.  I knew I had to get involved and use my background as a lawyer to protect infertility patients from these assaults… Our goal is to keep all of the wonderful family building options open for the people who need them.  It is a fight that makes me feel really good about "giving back." – Lee Rubin Collins, Massachusetts

Lee is a former chair of RESOLVE’s Board of Directors and co-chairs RESOLVE’s National Advocacy Committee.

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Awareness and Support

I wanted to educate my community about the disease by sharing the artwork, portraits and stories of myself and others who are struggling with infertility… One thing I realized through this journey was the importance of sharing your story in the healing process. Whether it’s with one close family member you trust, a group of women around a table in a support group or a community through an art exhibit. My hope is that by sharing the stories of my journey and the journey of others, we’ll reach others experiencing infertility and they will know they’re not alone, that we’ll educate their friends and families so they’ll know how they can support loved ones through their illness and that we’ll start a dialog and make it easier for people to discuss this often private disease.” – Elizabeth Walker, Michigan 

Elizabeth hosts two RESOLVE peer-led support groups and has created a traveling art exhibit entitled “The ART of IF.”

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Awareness, Advocacy and Support

My hope is that through awareness events like the RESOLVE Walk of Hope that those not personally touched by infertility will find empathy for those who are and that those living with infertility will find the support they need to continue on in their journey to parenthood. RESOLVE was my lifeline while we underwent treatments. When I felt alone, damaged, like a failure my RESOLVE support group was there to pick me up, dust me off and give me the strength to keep going.” – Cindy Flynn, California

Cindy hosts a RESOLVE peer-led support group, co-chairs the Northern California Walk of Hope, and regularly attends Advocacy Day, bringing thousands of constituent letters with her.

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Awareness and Advocacy

My personal hope for this event is that one day the word RESOLVE is synonymous with the walk for infertility — just like Avon or Komen is for the walk for breast cancer… What these walks did for breast cancer, the Walk of Hope is starting to do for infertility. That is the trajectory that we are on.  It is the infertility movement.  Each person who has been involved, supported, donated and attended a Walk of Hope event nationwide is a pioneer in this movement.” – Angelica Nassar, Texas

Angelica chaired and continues to play a leadership role for RESOLVE’s largest Walk of Hope in Texas, and has attended Advocacy Day and testified on behalf of RESOLVE at a Capitol Hill briefing.

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Awareness and Advocacy

Advocacy Day renewed me in every way. It gave me a sense of purpose and strength, and it made me whole again.  Infertility is so lonely and isolating. To hear other women stand up and tell my story, gave me a powerful sense of community. It made me really want to speak up for all the families that were not at Advocacy Day, for the families who suffer in silence, for the families whose finances determine their outcomes… It just made me want to make a difference.” – Candace Trinchieri, California

Candace regularly attends Advocacy Day and co-chairs the Southern California Walk of Hope.

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Julie Hall

Awareness and Support

"Through volunteering with RESOLVE I have not only found lifelong friends, but the passion to educate others on ways to build their families and advocate for the issues important to the infertility community. I’m the current DC Walk of Hope Chair and Peer Lead Support Group Host. I want those suffering to feel the support of their families and friends, the community, and from RESOLVE as an organization." — Julie Hall, Virginia

Julie hosts a RESOLVE peer-led support group, chaired the DC Walk of Hope, and coordinated one of RESOLVE’s largest educational events in Ohio.

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State Advocacy

"There are many things in my life that I am passionate about. But when it comes to my infertility, I was largely quiet about it and only told the truth to a few close friends and family.Then I was made aware of a Senator in my home state of Kansas that was introducing a bill banning gestational carrier surrogacy and that pushed me over the edge. Nothing makes me angrier than when someone else wants to come in and dictate how or when or why something goes on in my body – in anyone’s body. With the help of RESOLVE, I went to the Kansas state Senate Public Health and Welfare Committee hearing for this bill and spoke in front of a full room of spectators.  I called it my “coming out” party because it was the first time I had ever publicly stated that I was one of the 1 in 8 couples battling infertility – and it was so freeing. Now I am looking forward to my next opportunity to educate or answer questions anyone has about my condition, and am looking for more ways to get involved in my community. Speaking up and speaking out about my infertility, although scary at first, has made me more brave and comfortable with adding “infertility advocate” to my list of passions." — Courtney Wilson. Kansas

Courtney is a Project PROTECT grassroots advocate and played a key role in helping defeat an anti-surrogacy bill in Kansas.

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