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RESOLVE, the only patient advocacy group in the U.S. that fights for the rights of women and men who are infertile has seen an increasing need to bring together the community to ensure that our voices are heard. RESOLVE is greatly involved in advocating for the infertility community on both the federal and state level. Discover ways you can get involved with issues that impacts this community.

Federal Advocacy

Adoption Tax Credit S. 937 and H.R. 2476

The Adoption Tax Credit would extend tax benefits to more Americans, encourage adoption and increase American families’ abilities to offer homes to adoptive children. Send a letter to your U.S. Representative and Senators requesting that they support this important bill today.

H.R. 586, H.R. 681 and S. 231, “To provide that human life shall be deemed to
begin with fertilization.”

RESOLVE opposes all Personhood initiatives and urges all Americans to oppose any anti-family legislation as it undermines access to safe and reliable infertility medical treatments. Click here to read RESOLVE’s Policy Statement on Personhood legislation, which includes a full explanation of how Personhood legislation and/or Amendments will impact people with infertility. Send a letter of opposition to your U.S. Representative and Senators right now.

Women Veterans and Families Health Services Act, S. 700 and H.R. 1681

Make #IVF4Vets a permanent program. Our advocates were successful in securing funding so that the Veterans Administration can offer IVF for wounded Vets in FY 2017 and FY 2018, but it did not lift the ban permanently. We will ask Congress to make #IVF4Vets permanent through passage of the Women Veterans and Families Health Services Act. Send a letter today to your Senators and Representative and show your support for our veterans.

State Advocacy

RESOLVE tracks legislation that impact the infertility community. Some of these bills are anti-family and some of the bills would help people with infertility. Click here to see the list of state legislation that we are currently tracking.

Indiana Residents!

There is a bill in the Indiana House that will provide insurance coverage for in vitro fertilization. Send a letter now to educate your lawmaker about infertility and how this pro-family bill will help the 1 in 8 Hoosiers who are struggling to build their families.

Minnesota Residents! 

Make sure your lawmakers see the positive editorial published in the Star-Tribune on 1/13/17 and tell them you support the 1 in 8 couples struggling with infertility in Minnesota. Send this message to your State Senator and State Representative and let them know you want them to keep all family building options available and legal in Minnesota.

New York Residents!

 Send these letters now to the Assembly and Senate to support the Child Parent Security Act which legalizes gestational surrogacy and the Fair Access to Fertility Treatment Act (FAFTA) which requires insurance to cover IVF and fertility preservation. For additional ways to help advance this legislation, use the FAFTA Tool Kit

Oregon Residents!

Are you suffering from infertility as a result of cancer treatment?  Contact RESOLVE  at regarding information about a bill in the Oregon legislature that would make the process better for cancer patients. We need your experience to help advocate for this bill.

Tennessee Residents!

If you live in Tennessee, please send this letter to your State Senator and Representative to let them know you oppose this bill that discriminates against married couples who need donor sperm to build their family. Act now and enlist others to send letters as well!