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Each year we are fighting anti-family bills in more and more states.  We need you today.  We need you to help build our state advocacy infrastructure so that we are prepared to raise awareness and fight back in all 50 states at any time.  RESOLVE is proud to launch Project PROTECT, whose goal is to Preserve Reasonable Options To Effective Childbearing Treatment through state advocacy efforts.  Become a Project PROTECT volunteer today, and together we can stop any piece of anti-family legislation wherever it may strike. 

The first step in the process is to listen to the recorded 30 minute audio training “How to Become a RESOLVE Project PROTECT Advocate

As a Project PROTECT Advocate you will:

  • Generate action from your elected officials by making calls and writing letters.
  • Monitor legislative issues in your state.
  • Be the voice of the over 7.3 million Americans diagnosed with infertility.

We have developed Project PROTECT to recruit the BEST volunteers willing to help in their state.  Our goal is to defeat EVERY anti-family bill – we will not let even one pass.  We can only achieve this goal through your help. We are looking for people to engage in all levels of advocacy from sending emails, researching and tracking bills, to meeting with and educating state legislators about infertility. Whatever your interest and amount of time to give, we have something for you to do in your state. If our goals meet with your desires, we hope you sign up to be part of our Project PROTECT team.

After you listen to this TeleSeminar, you will be given instructions on the next steps in the process. This process is simple and straightforward. Our goal is to ensure that you have been adequately prepared for your role as a grassroots advocate. If you have questions or concerns, email us at please type Project PROTECT in the subject line and we will get back to you with answers.