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Fair Access to Fertility Treatment Act Toolkit

A Guide to Advocating for Access to Care in New York State

We are pleased to announce that the Fair Access to Fertility Treatment Act (FAFTA) has been re-introduced in the 2017 New York State Legislature. We saw important movement last year on this legislation that RESOLVE helped draft that would add IVF and fertility preservation for cancer patients to NY’s current insurance law. We are continuing to work with our allies in the Coalition to Help Families Struggling with Infertility to pass this important bill this year, and we need YOU to get involved. As New York residents, your voice is the most important one! 

We need you to educate your lawmakers NOW and enlist their support as co-sponsors of FAFTA. This personal outreach by constituents is essential – and the good news is you can choose how to meet with your lawmaker, either in your district or at the state Capitol. To advocate in Albany with like-minded people from across the state as part of RESOLVE’s New York Advocacy Day on April 25, 2017, please register here.

Instead of or in addition to traveling to Albany, you can visit your legislators in your district at any time. To make it even easier, we have developed a toolkit to help you schedule and conduct your meetings, including talking points and handouts. And to provide you with additional support in advocating on behalf of FAFTA, we have created a Facebook page for you to share what you are doing and connect with others who share your passion for greater access to care in New York.  

If you believe New Yorkers deserve access to the standard of care to treat the disease of infertility and allow cancer patients to have a chance at a family, please join the “Pass the Fair Access to Fertility Treatment Act” Facebook page and volunteer to meet with your lawmakers by using the tools below. And be sure to sign up for emails from your lawmakers (or check their websites) so you receive notice of town hall meetings or coffees they may be hosting that you can attend and talk with them there. 

What’s included in this toolkit: 

I think sometimes people don’t realize how much power they have to bring about change. When you call or write or email your state legislators, we listen and pay attention to what’s important to you. When you share your personal stories, your voices become like a lion’s roar. So please don’t be shy and don’t be discouraged. Grassroots activism brings about change, though it may not happen as fast as you like, keep fighting and it will.“ -

Assemblymember Aravella Simotas - 36th District-Queens, NY

  1. Instructions for setting up a meeting with your lawmakers in your district. 
  2. Talking points to use during your meetings.
  3. Handouts to bring with you to your meetings.
  4. Sample social media messages
  5. New York Advocacy Day Flyer to share.
  6. Facebook page to share your feedback and encourage others, and remember to tag your lawmakers so they see how important this issue is to you and your fellow constituents.
  7. Feedback form to share meeting details so we can follow up with the lawmaker.

Please also let us know if you are willing to share your story with the media and/or personalize an op-ed. Email us at

Questions? Contact

Please check the Facebook page for additional updates to keep the pressure on in your legislative districts. And please make sure your contact information is current so we can identify in which legislative district you live or work.

Thank you for your important help to pass the Fair Access to Fertility Treatment Act!