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RESOLVE opposes all Personhood initiatives and urges all Americans to VOTE AGAINST any anti-family legislation as it undermines access to safe and reliable infertility medical treatments. Click here to read RESOLVE’s Policy Statement on Personhood legislation, which includes a full explanation of how Personhood legislation and/or Amendments will impact people with infertility.

What is the difference between a Bill and a Ballot Initiative? 

A ballot initiative is an attempt to get an issue in front of voters in a state. A Personhood Ballot Initiative would be an attempt to have voters in a state pass a Personhood Amendment or Initiative that would change a state constitution or amend state statutes defining when life begins. Each state has its own process for how any initiative gets on a ballot in November. At its core, a ballot initiative is taking a particular issue to the general public and letting them decide.  In 2014, North Dakota will have a Personhood ballot initiative that North Dakota residents will vote for or against on November 4, 2014.

A Personhood bill is a bill introduced in the state legislature, either in the House or Senate or both, and must proceed along a specific process to get a final vote in the full House and Senate. The bill would then need to be signed into law by the Governor. A bill would only be voted on by the elected officials in a state and would not be open to public vote.

Personhood Bills and Ballots have been introduced in the following state. Here is the status of each of these legislative initiatives in each state.

 State: South Carolina Bill Number: 129
Added: January 20, 2015

  • Short Description of Bill: A so-called "personhood" ballot to give legal rights to newly fertilized microscopic embryos (i.e., when life begins).
  • Does RESOLVE support or oppose this Bill: RESOLVE opposes this bill.
  • Current status of the Bill in the legislative process: The bill was referred to the Committee on Judiciary on 1/13/15.
  • Link to Bill: 129
  • Read RESOLVE's Policy on Personhood Legislation.
  • Local Volunteer Needs: If you are interested in opposing this bill, please contact RESOLVE at