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Legislative Issues

The Center for Infertility Justice

Created by RESOLVE in 2010, The Center promotes access to care for all who need it, fights any attempts to restrict or eliminate that care, and provides research and data to support positive public policy for the infertility community. RESOLVE invites advocates, businesses, organizations and healthcare advocates to learn more.

Federal Legislation

RESOLVE works with Members of Congress and their staff to make sure that the voice of the infertility community is heard.

State Legislation

Each year legislation is introduced at the state level that could impede access to care for infertility patients. RESOLVE advocacy volunteers are vital to our success of defeating anti-family legislation. Find out what you can do in your state to make a difference.

Become a Grassroots Advocate

Every year we are fighting anti-family bills in more and more states.  We need you today.  We need you to help build our state advocacy infrastructure so that we are prepared to fight back in all 50 states at any time.