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Federal Legislation That RESOLVE Supports

RESOLVE also supports these pending federal bills:

Chemical Safety Improvement Act (S 696):

Similar to a bill cleared by the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee in the 112th Congress, the Safer Chemicals Act would go a long way toward protecting Americans from chemicals before they are linked to reproductive and development disorders, cancers and other illnesses that are costly to treat and often preventable. This bill would: (1) require the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to identify and restrict the “worst of the worst” chemicals; (2) require basic health and safety information for chemicals as a condition for entering or remaining on the market; (3) upgrade scientific methods for assessing chemical safety; (4) arm the EPA with the authority it needs to restrict chemicals that pose health and environmental concerns.

RESOLVE volunteer Angelica Nassar spoke in support of this bill at a briefing on Capitol Hill for Senate staffers on May 10, 2013. The briefing was specifically addressing Infertility and Chemicals. In September 2013, the American Society for Reproductive Medicine and the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists issued a joint Committee Opinion advocating for a reduction in toxic environmental agents. To find out more about this bill and to take action, click here.

Modernizing Our Drug & Diagnostics Evaluation and Regulatory Network: The MODDERN Cures Act of 2013 (HR 3116):

The MODDERN Cures Act creates a pathway for promising new treatments that address unmet medical needs that would not otherwise be developed due to current legal and market failures. These “dormant therapies” will be followed by the introduction of low-cost generic equivalents. This Act also promotes personalized medicine by encouraging the development of companion diagnostics that predict the safe, effective, and efficient use of medicines. In September 2013, U.S. Representative Leonard Lance (R-NJ) introduced the bill into the House of Representatives. To find out more and take action, click here.

National Commission on Urotrauma (HR 984): 

The American Urological Association is advocating for HR 984, a bill that requires the Department of Defense, in conjunction with the Departments of Veterans’ Affairs and Health & Human Services, to establish a national commission on urotrauma. The commission’s objectives are: 1) to conduct a comprehensive study of the present state of knowledge of the incidence and duration of, and morbidity and mortality rates resulting from urotrauma; 2) to study the social and economic impact of such conditions; 3) evaluate the public and private facilities and resources (including trained personnel and research activities) for the prevention, diagnosis, treatment of, and research in such conditions; and 4) to identify programs (including biological, behavioral, environmental, and social) through which improvement in the management of urotrauma can be accomplished. To find out more and take action, click here.