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RESOLVE leads the conversation about the ACA and Infertility Mandates 

Posted by: Lee Collins at February 28, 2014 
Category: Essential Health Benefit 

Widespread mystery. Surprise reversals. Rumors flying. Panic starts in certain quarters.

It sounds like the plot line to a Hollywood thriller. But, it's actually what the infertility community has faced trying to interpret the Affordable Care Act (“ACA”).

This is the kind of development that makes RESOLVE kick into action. It’s spent 40 years defending the rights of infertility patients, after all! 

Volunteers and staff at RESOLVE quickly became experts on the ACA; we called upon relationships with other experts like the National Health Council and Avalere Health. In the early days of the ACA, RESOLVE circulated a petition to protect the rights of infertility patients that was delivered to the Secretary of Health and Human Services (HHS).

Our informed analysis is that the existing infertility mandates in 15 states are largely preserved through 2015. The critical issue is how the ACA may change after that. 

If you’ve watched the news, you know the ACA has been revised and amended numerous times already. We expect HHS to issue new rules for 2016 and beyond that could well affect infertility coverage in states with mandated coverage. We are relying on our relationships with health policy experts and providers, monitoring the news every day, and we’re starting to mobilize the infertility community for proactive action.

RESOLVE has also been educating doctors, nurses, practice managers, and infertility businesses. On February 27, RESOLVE, along with Avalere, hosted an important webinar about the interplay between the ACA and infertility coverage. More than 200 people participated in person or via the Internet.

At every step, RESOLVE has advocated strongly for citizens with infertility and it will continue to do so. Why? Because it is a moral and equitable outrage that our country does not view reproductive dysfunction as a disease worthy of universal coverage. We need everyone to join this fight – a fight to have reproductive disease treated fairly in the public policy arena, a fight to support the extraordinary efforts of people like you to build families.

Read our recently posted FAQ’s on the ACA and its impact on infertility care.

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Lee Rubin Collins

Lee Collins
Co-Chair, national Advocacy Committee, former Chair, RESOLVE Board of Directors





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