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Public Policy Update 

Posted by: Barbara Collura at May 23, 2014 
Category: Federal and State legislation 

Advocacy Day: Progress = Success

This year marked the largest Advocacy Day in Washington, D.C. for the infertility community: 154 Advocates went on 155 scheduled appointments with Senators and Representatives. We have many ways to measure success of this event, but at the end of the day we measure success by tracking the progress we are making on our issues. So far we have added 13 co-sponsors to the bills we support and we have some key follow-up meetings scheduled with important legislative staff. Also, we had more meetings with Members themselves than ever before - a sign that our community is gaining notice on Capitol Hill. This is progress! Thank you to everyone who attended Advocacy Day, who wrote letters, and who called Congress during our Call-In campaign. Read our Legislative Agenda here.

Representative Rick Larsen Speaking at 2014 Advocacy Day
U.S. Representative Rick Larsen addressing the Advocacy Day participants.

Gestational Carrier bill gains support in Albany

RESOLVE participated in a Legislative Forum in April in Albany, NY in support of the Child-Parent Security Act, a bill to overturn the outdated law banning compensated gestational carrier surrogacy in New York State. Since then, more co-sponsors have been added to the legislation and meetings with key legislators have taken place. The bill has not been up for a vote yet in the Assembly or Senate, but we continue to move forward to gain support for this bill. Track the bill here.

Senator Hoylman Assembly Member Paulin, Dr Grazi and Risa Le
NY State Senator Hoylman, Risa Levine, Dr. Grazi, and Assembly member Paulin at the Legislative Forum.

Gestational Carrier bills in other states

Since January, RESOLVE has been active in gestational carrier bills in other states: Kansas, Maryland, and Minnesota. Two of these states (Maryland and Minnesota) introduced legislation to make the gestational carrier process simpler, less costly, and in-line with current medical guidelines and practices. The Maryland bill was withdrawn after amendments were added that were counter to the bill sponsor’s goals. The Minnesota bills were not voted on before the legislative session ended and are now dead. The bill introduced in Kansas would have banned gestational carrier surrogacy in that state. Read about all of these bills and RESOLVE’s position.

Personhood update

Two states, North Dakota and Colorado, will have ballot initiatives on the ballot in November asking voters to approve Personhood amendments (Amendment 67 in Colorado and Measure 1 in North Dakota). Personhood defines a fertilized egg as a person. RESOLVE believes that if passed, Personhood would negatively impact the standard of care for IVF treatment. If you are interested in learning more about the ballot initiatives and how you can get involved to oppose these measures, contact RESOLVE at Read RESOLVE’s Personhood Policy.

Action alert image

Affordable Care Act – will it help people with infertility?

In February, RESOLVE hosted a ground-breaking webinar on the Affordable Care Act and its impact on infertility care. Targeted to the professional community, over 200 people participated in the live webinar. Since then, RESOLVE has created an FAQ and posted a link to the webinar recording. RESOLVE is monitoring the 8 states with IVF mandates to ensure that those mandates are not in jeopardy due to provisions in the ACA set to take place in 2016. Want to learn more? Contact us at

We need you – yes you!

Interested in getting involved in state or federal advocacy? We need the voices of the whole infertility community, which includes professionals, friends and family of someone going through infertility, people going through infertility, and those who have resolved their infertility. Learn more about volunteering for RESOLVE and helping in our public policy efforts.





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