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“We Did It! We Did It!” Personhood Defeated in Mississippi

Posted by: Barbara Collura at November 8, 2011
Category: Mississippi Initiative 26
Barbara Collura is the Executive Director for RESOLVE: The National Infertility Association. She can be reached at or 703.556.7172.

Those were the words spoken by Mississippi mom, overnight media darling, and brand-new grassroots advocate Atlee Breland.  She just got off the phone with Renee Whitley, RESOLVE’s Advocacy Committee co-chair, on the amazing win for the “No on Initiative 26” campaign. 

The “No” vote by Mississippians emphatically declared that Personhood, the movement to declare a fertilized egg a person, would not happen in Mississippi.

We wrote about Atlee in a previous blog  – she’s a Mississippi mom who conceived her children through infertility treatments.  Atlee saw the threat that Initiative 26 posed to infertility treatments in Mississippi and in just a few weeks she formed a grassroots organization, created a website, produced a viral video, created thousands of flyers, yard signs, and billboards (see photo below), and even managed to get the best online pop-up ad I have ever seen on the “Top News” section of the Clarion-Ledger, the biggest newspaper in Mississippi.  Read more.

Grassroots Activism in Mississippi: a Model for All

Posted by: Lee Rubin Collins JD at November 7, 2011
Category: Mississippi Initiative 26
Lee Rubin Collins, JD is a Vice-Chair of RESOLVE’s National Board of Directors and also serves as co-chair of the Advocacy Committee.

Lee Rubin CollinsMeet Atlee Breland, a lifelong Mississippian and mother, who learned about the 21-word statement that is Initiative 26, Mississippi's so-called "personhood amendment” -- and bounded into action:

“I started Parents Against MS 26 because my children are the most important people in my whole world, and because I truly believe that Initiative 26 presents a potentially grave threat to other families’ ability to have their own IVF ‘miracle babies.’  My experiences with infertility and pregnancy opened my eyes to how it’s so much more incredibly complex than a Choose Life bumper sticker, or a 21-word statement, can possibly address.”

If you've ever wondered whether one person can really make a difference when it comes to the crazy world of politics, just ask RESOLVE.  Since we began working with Atlee, there is no question in our minds! Read more.

Embryo "Personhood" and the Threat to Infertility Patients

Posted by: Lee Rubin Collins JD at October 31, 2011
Category: Mississippi Initiative 26
Lee Rubin Collins, JD is a Vice-Chair of RESOLVE’s National Board of Directors and also serves as co-chair of the Advocacy Committee.

Lee Rubin Collins

RESOLVE has been involved in advocacy for decades. If you live in a state where there is mandated insurance coverage for your diagnosis and treatment, in large part you have RESOLVE to thank! Since 1974, we have worked all over the country to improve insurance requirements and to persuade employers to offer more and better infertility coverage.

But in 2007, a new concern arose. RESOLVE learned that a group had collected sufficient signatures to put a proposed new law -- a "ballot initiative" -- before the voters of Colorado. This ballot initiative, called Amendment_48, would amend the definition of "person" in the Colorado state Constitution to "include any human being from the moment of fertilization." Thus, from the moment the sperm penetrated the egg inside a woman's body or, in the case of in vitro fertilization (IVF), in the laboratory, the resultant microscopic cell or cells would have "inalienable rights, equality of justice, and due process of law." Read more.





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