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Posted by: Marnee Beck at November 17, 2011 
Category: Health Insurance 

Fighting for Parenthood after Cancer

Posted by: Betsy Campbell at April 17, 2017
Category: Health Insurance

Imagine sitting in the doctor’s office and being told that you have cancer. Perhaps those of us with infertility can imagine that more readily because the stress associated with the diagnosis of infertility has been compared to that of cancer. And sadly, the similarities don’t end there. Read more.

I’m not married: Does my health insurance cover infertility services?

Posted by: Jill Morrison at November 16, 2011
Category: Health Insurance
Jill Morrison is Senior Counsel at the National Women's Law Center.  

Lisa Green’s* insurance benefits book listed “artificial insemination” under covered services.  It did not say “but only for married people.”  Yet when her doctor recommended artificial insemination, the insurer denied her claim because she was not married. 

In its communications to Lisa, the insurer claimed that because the benefits book said “cost of donor sperm” was not covered, a woman using donor sperm (e.g., sperm from anyone other than her spouse) was not entitled to artificial insemination coverage. 

Lisa looked again at her benefits book.  There was “artificial insemination” under covered services.  There was “cost of donor sperm” under services that were not covered.  But Lisa did not have any cost for donor sperm, since she was using her life partner’s sperm.  And it did not seem like a narrow exclusion for the “cost of donor sperm” should affect her coverage for the artificial insemination procedure itself. Read more

*Lisa Green is a pseudonym to protect her privacy.





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