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Family Act of 2011 Blog Posts 

Posted by: Marnee Beck at July 17, 2012 
Category: The Family Act of 2011 

Physicians Support the Family Act

Posted by: Jason S. Griffith, MD at July 16, 2012
Category: The Family Act of 2011
Dr. Griffith is a Reproductive Endocrinologist at Houston Fertility.

In many situations, the issue that trumps all these important elements is the cost of the various treatments. I have had countless patients choose less effective therapies that carry greater risk solely on the basis of cost. Read more.


Just a Girl on Capitol Hill

Posted by: Anne Valentzas at June 8, 2012
Category: Federal and State legislation
Anne Valentzas lives in Irvington, NY with her husband, Jason, 6-year-old son, Jake (IVF #5) and 2-year-old puppy, Hudson.  She runs the affluent consumer marketing group at MasterCard Worldwide and, according to Jake, makes "the best cookies in the whole world".

Everything I know about politics I learned from those Schoolhouse Rock videos they used to play on TV in the 70’s (“I’m Just a Bill”). So, you can imagine how intimidated I was to attend RESOLVE’s Advocacy Day this past April. Read more.


Barbara ColluraI made a promise I have to keep

Posted by: Barbara Collura at April 4, 2012 
Category: Federal and State legislation
Barbara Collura is the Executive Director for RESOLVE: The National Infertility Association. She can be reached at or 703.556.7172.

As Executive Director of RESOLVE: The National Infertility Association, I have the honor to represent the organization and the entire infertility community at many high profile places. I’ve been to the White House, been on the TODAY Show, and even had dinner with Sherri Shepherd.

But I have a secret. My favorite place to represent the infertility community is on Capitol Hill, the nerve center of democracy.

And I made a very important promise to members of Congress… Read more.





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