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Congressional Call Week 2012

Two Tax Credits. One Purpose. Families.

Join thousands in the infertility community and make a difference.

Calling Congress in support of the Family Act and Adoption Tax Credit is a very important part of the legislative process.  Members of Congress need to hear from people that support these bills and phone calls are very impactful. 

We need you to call both your Senators and your Representative today.

Here are the steps you need to take.

  1. Know who you’re calling. Find your Members of Congress here: and
  2. Call the main switchboard, 202.225.3121 and ask to be transferred to the office you’re calling.  (You’ll repeat this step two more times.)
  3. Introduce yourself and make sure to mention your name and city/town/state so they know you live in their district. Follow the script we have listed below.
  4. Share your experience!  Tell us how it went on Facebook, Twitter, and our Online Community.

Sample script:

“Good morning/afternoon. I live in <insert city and state name> and I’m calling to express my support for two bills that I care about. May I speak with the Health Legislative Assistant or someone else in the office?

Once you’re connected:

“<Reintroduce yourself.>* I’m calling to let you know about two bills I care about, the Family Act S965/ HR 3522 and the Making Adoption Affordable Act S 3616/ HR 4373. The Family Act will create a tax credit to help thousands of middle-class families with the out-of-pocket medical costs for infertility treatment. And the Making Adoption Affordable Act will make the Adoption Tax Credit permanent which is set to expire at the end of the year.

Can I count on the <INSERT NAME OF MEMBER> to help me and thousands of others in our state by supporting both bills? <wait for reply>

Thank you for taking my call and passing on my message to the <INSERT NAME OF MEMBER>.

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