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Arizona Volunteer Opportunities

Most local RESOLVE programs and services are run by dedicated volunteers who are experiencing, or who have experienced, the same life crisis you are facing. Our volunteers graciously donate their time and are the "key" to our region's continued success. If you have found our services as helpful as many others have, and if you would like to give something back to RESOLVE, please consider becoming a volunteer. Volunteering is a good way to meet new people and can be therapeutic. No previous experience is required for many of the positions, and if you are new to the infertility area, volunteering can be a comforting experience. We have many exciting volunteer opportunities with varying levels of time commitment. Most can be done from home according your own schedule. We appreciate any time you have to give. Your help will allow RESOLVE to continue providing our valuable service to you and others in the infertility community. Come join our committed and fun group of volunteers! For additional opportunities, please contact

For more information about any of these volunteer positions, please contact Kelly Damron at

Education Coordinator (4-6 hours per month):
The local Education Coordinator manages all aspects of the educational activities of the Local Affiliate of RESOLVE.  With the assistance of other local volunteers, the Education Coordinator plans the educational programming for the year, including identifying topics, speakers, dates and location. Reports to the local affiliate chair (volunteer). Specific duties may include:

  • Work with RESOLVE staff to follow organizational policies and procedures in local events manual;
  • Work with RESOLVE staff and volunteers to identify appropriate speakers for events;
  • Coordinate additional volunteers to help in planning, promotion and day-of staffing of event;
  • Inform RESOLVE staff of event details to ensure online registration is set up in a timely manner;
  • Track expenses and revenue as appropriate.

Local Affiliate Co-Chair (4-6 hours per month):
Local Affiliate Co-Chairs work with RESOLVE national staff and other volunteers to coordinate and manage local programs and services. Local programs and services may include support groups, educational seminars, fundraising events and/or volunteer appreciation. Reports to the RESOLVE Director of Constituent Services (staff). Specific duties may include:

  • Serve as liaison among local volunteers and with RESOLVE national staff;
  • Work with volunteers to provide educational seminars to women and men with infertility;
  • Manage annual budget process with RESOLVE staff to support local programs and services;
  • Keep volunteers informed of RESOLVE activities, locally, regionally and nationally;
  • Help recruit and retain support group hosts (training provided by RESOLVE);
  • Recognize and thank volunteers on a regular basis;
  • Attend quarterly leadership teleconference with RESOLVE staff and other volunteers.

Peer-led Support Group Host (2-4 hours per month):
Peer Support Group Hosts moderate a regularly scheduled meeting to discuss and share infertility or adoption related issues following RESOLVE policies and procedures. Training is provided. Volunteer hosts are responsible for some administrative task to promote and report their group meetings. Involves attendance at a quarterly continuing education teleseminar. The first step of the process is to listen to the recorded audio training "How to Start a Support Group." For a link to this recording, please send a request to

Professional Outreach Coordinator (2-4 hours per month):
The local Professional Outreach Coordinator assists RESOLVE in building and maintain relationships among family building professionals in the area. With the assistance of RESOLVE staff and other local volunteers, the Professional Outreach Coordinator provides information about local and national RESOLVE programs and services to reproductive endocrinologists, therapists, complementary medicine professionals, adoption agencies, attorneys, and others who serve the infertility community. Reports to the local affiliate chair (volunteer) and works with the Director of Constituent Services (staff) and Professional Outreach Manager (staff). Specific duties may include (but not all required):

  • Deliver flyers and publications promoting RESOLVE programs and services to professional offices;
  • Help identify professionals to speak at RESOLVE events and write content for the RESOLVE and publications;
  • Host informational sessions for local professionals;
  • Seek advice and help from local professionals to enhance local and regional service delivery.
  • Maintain professional and productive relationships with local medical and other family building professionals;

Support Services Coordinator (2-4 hours per month):
The local Support Services Coordinator manages and supports the network of peer-led support groups in the Local Affiliate of RESOLVE.  With the assistance of the RESOLVE staff and other volunteers, the Support Services Coordinator helps recruit and retain volunteer hosts following RESOLVE policy and procedures. Reports to the local affiliate chair (volunteer). Please note, all peer-led support group hosts go through an application and training process before starting their role, and RESOLVE provides on-going support to these volunteers. Specific duties may include:

  • Serves as local liaison among local peer-led support group hosts and with RESOLVE Director of Constituent Services;
  • Provides advice to hosts regarding managing group dynamics and meeting logistics;
  • Interviews potential new volunteer hosts and helps match them to area needs;
  • Works with Affiliate Chair to identify areas of need;
  • Keep volunteer hosts informed of RESOLVE activities, locally, regionally and nationally;
  • Helps identify replacement host when volunteer is ready to step down;
  • Attends quarterly continuing education teleseminars for peer support group hosts.

Walk of Hope Volunteer:
RESOLVE's 2011 Walk of Hope is a 1.5 mile fun walk in recognition of the many ways in which families are built. Want to get more involved in making the Walk of Hope a success? We need volunteers to plan, promote and implement the Walk of Hope. For more information, please contact Kelly Damron at

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