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RESOLVE is the leading U.S. patient advocacy organization fighting to make sure your patients have access to the family building option they choose.

What we do:

  • Provide up-to-date and accurate information on all state and federal legislation that impacts our community.
  • Provide easy ways for anyone to contact their lawmakers about these issues.
  • Provide expert and passionate testimonies at important hearings on Capitol Hill and in state capitols nationwide.
  • Empower thousands of grassroots advocates to raise their voice

How our public policy work helps your patients:

Our goal is to keep all family building options available to anyone who needs them. Knowing that helps your patients approach their treatment plan in a better frame of mind.

RESOLVE advocates for access to IVF. We’ve created ways for your patients to ask their employers to add IVF benefits to their coverage so there is less financial stress on their decision making.

RESOLVE creates connections online and in-person for patients that help them emotionally deal with their infertility.

Why we need your support:

  • More voices. RESOLVE needs to recruit and train more grassroots advocates in every state. This provides us the ability to respond more quickly when anti-family legislation is introduced. We especially need to reach underserved populations.
  • Bring our issues to a bigger audience. RESOLVE has no funds for marketing or public relations efforts so we are unable to reach a wider audience in states with key legislation. Raising public awareness and generating public interest is a key tactic for influencing public policy.
  • Ability to react quickly. Anti-family bills are introduced with no warning and with potentially grave results, so we must respond. RESOLVE has no emergency advocacy funds to respond effectively to fast moving legislation. Having the ability to quickly engage local experts is often the best course of action. Successful advocacy groups have the ability to respond effectively because they have the financial capacity to do so.
  • Lawmakers need data. Our community needs more public health and statistical studies to provide to federal and state legislators. Data changes policy, and we need more of it.

Here is how it works:

Donate to RESOLVE before May 18, 2017 and Ferring Pharmaceuticals will match your donation dollar for dollar up to $5,000 per clinic, for a grand total of $75,000. That means with your help, RESOLVE can invest $150,000 in our advocacy and access to care work. For clinics that donate $1,000 or more, RESOLVE will provide a Premium Business listing in our online Professional Services Directory. Download your committment form here.

For questions call Cindy Hollister 703.556.7177 or email chollister@resolve.org.

Thank you to the following medical practices that support RESOLVE’s advocacy work and contributed to the Ferring Pharmaceuticals advocacy matching challenge:

  • Advanced Reproductive Center of Hawaii
  • Alice Domar, PhD, Domar Center for Mind/Body Health
  • April Lee, ARC Fertility
  • Aykut Bayrak, MD, LA IVF
  • Carolinas Fertility Institute, Greensboro, NC
  • Coastal Fertility Medical Center, Irvine, CA
  • David S. Saffan, MD, Shady Grove Fertility
  • Elizabeth Stewart, MD, Rochester, MN
  • Elizabeth Zapp, RN
  • Fady Sharara, MD, Reston, VA
  • Fertility CARE-The IVF Center, Winter Park, FL
  • Frank Chang, MD, Shady Grove Fertility
  • G. David Adamson, MD, Palo Alto, CA
  • Georgia Reproductive Specialists, Atlanta, GA
  • Helen Adrienne, LCSW, BCD
  • Isaac Sasson, MD, Shady Grove Fertility
  • IVF1, Naperville, IL
  • Marcelle Cedars, MD, San Francisco, CA
  • Maria Bustillo, MD, IVFMD, Miami, FL
  • Mark Nixon, MD, Sunnyvale, CA
  • Michael J. Levy, MD, Shady Grove Fertility 
  • Midwest Fertility Specialists, Carmel, IN
  • New Hope Center for Reproductive Medicine, Virginia Beach, VA
  • Northern California Fertility Medical Center, Roseville, CA
  • RMA of Michigan, Troy, MI
  • RMA of Connecticut, Norwalk, CT
  • The Ronald O. Perelman and Claudia Cohen Center for Reproductive Medicine at Weill Cornell Medical College, New York, NY
  • Seattle Reproductive Medicine, Seattle, WA
  • Serena Chen, MD, IRMS Reproductive Medicine at Saint Barnabas
  • Stephen Greenhouse, MD, Shady Grove Fertility
  • Sy Q. Le, MD,  IVFMD, Irving, TX
  • Univfy Inc.
  • USC Fertility, Los Angeles, CA


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