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Infertility Financing Programs

The cost of infertility diagnosis, treatment and associated medications can be extremely high. Patients without insurance coverage for infertility testing and treatment often decide whether to seek treatment based on their ability to pay. Many clinics provide financing and guarantee or refund programs (money back if treatment is unsuccessful). Banks and other lending institutions also offer financing programs. But finding specific infertility financing programs can be difficult. RESOLVE has compiled the following list of financial aid and products available to consumers to help pay for reproductive health medical treatment and medications. Please contact each company directly for full details of the product and to determine if it is right for you.

RESOLVE does not endorse any of the listed products and programs.

Product Name: Attain® IVF by Attain Fertility™ Centers
Company Name: Integramed
Features: Attain IVF Programs provide multiple IVF treatments for a single, discounted fee. They are available exclusively at fertility clinics within the Attain Fertility Centers network.
Attain IVF Programs: 

  • Attain IVF Multi-Cycle – provides four cycles (two IVF and two FET) for a single, discounted fee. This program is offered to all IVF patients who plan to use their own eggs.
  • Attain IVF Refund – provides six cycles (three IVF and three FET) for a single, discounted fee. This program will give you a refund if treatment is unsuccessful. You will receive up to 70% refund if you are using your own eggs and up to a 100% refund if you are using donor eggs. Seventy-five percent of Refund program patients have a baby and twenty-five percent receive a refund. To take part in this program, you will need to meet certain medical criteria. Over seventy-five percent of women who apply to this program are accepted. 
  • Donor Egg Programs are also available for patients not using their own eggs.  There is up to a 100% refund if treatment is not successful.

Contact Information:

Product Name: The ARC Fertility Program®
Company: Advanced Reproductive Care, Inc. Founded in 1997 by Reproductive Endocrinologists.
Features: Nationwide network of screened physicians and clinics. ARC treatment package pricing includes up to three live cycles plus three frozen cycles. A refund guarantee is available if treatment is not successful. The predetermined pricing of ARC treatment packages vary from practice to practice. Package pricing is also available for intrauterine insemination (IUI), clomiphene and gonadotropin cycles, as well as tubal reversal and urological services. Payment is made in advance to ARC, and the fee must be paid whether the patient conceives or not. ARC makes payments directly to the doctor.
Qualifications: Complete an online application. Separate applications required for financing program and pharmaceutical financing. Package pricing is determined by each patient’s medical history.
Pharmaceuticals covered: The ARC Pharmacy Plan™ offers the patient the ability to purchase and finance medications. Service offered through MDR Pharmaceutical Care and Freedom Fertility Pharmacy.
Contact Information: or Corporate Office: 888-990-2727.

Product Name: The Assisted Reproduction Insurance Program®
Company: New Life Agency, Inc.
Features: A Program offering ten doctor-recommend insurance plan options for individual fertility needs. If pregnancy is not achieved, the program offers refunds and credits if there is no success or transfers to egg donor plans within the program during the 18-month enrollment term. The program combines insurance coverage with preferred provider organization rates.  The program offers discounts on fertility medications through Walgreens Specialty Pharmacy.
Qualifications: Patients may request their IVF doctor to join the preferred provider network.
Pharmaceuticals covered: By Walgreens Specialty Pharmacy
Contact Information: 877-952-LIFE (5433) or

Product Name: The Assure IVF Refund Program
Company: Fertility Lab Sciences (FLS)
Features: The Assure IVF Refund Program partners with practices that consistently rank among those with the highest success rates in the fertility field, and employ the most advanced reproductive science in the world. The Assure IVF Refund Program allows patients to pay a fixed, discounted fee for up to three fresh and three frozen cycles. If a successful birth has not been achieved after completing the allotted cycles, the patient will receive a refund of 80% to 100% of their program fees (patient and treatment dependent). The Assure IVF Program has partnered with American Healthcare Lending, providing a convenient financing option to fund their participation in the program.
Qualifications: Patients must meet the Assure IVF Refund Program eligibility criteria and submit an application through their chosen center's business office representative - please contact Assure IVF for more information.
Contact: Visit the Assure IVF Refund Program website, call us at 720.201.8661 or email us at

Product Name: Compassionate Care
Company: EMD Serono
Features: A patient assistance program for infertility medications manufactured by EMD Serono.
Contact Information: Fertility LifeLines 1.866.LETS.TRY (1.866.538.7879)

Product Name: Ferring Pharmaceutical's HEART Program
Company: Ferring Pharmaceuticals
Features: Savings on BRAVELLE, MENOPUR, ENDOMETRIN, and NOVAREL for cash-paying patients - Speak with your participating Heart+ pharmacy for pricing. Insured patients can save up to $500 on each prescription for BRAVELLE.
Contact Information:

Product Name: FertilityAssist 2
Company: EMD Serono
Features: Cash-paying patients can savings up to $500 on Gonal-f (follitropin alpha for injection) dispensed through Freedom Fertility Pharmacy.
Qualifications: Ask your healthcare provider to enroll you and fill your Gonal-f prescription through Freedom Fertility Pharmacy. First cycle must contain a minimum of 1050 IU; second cycle must contain a minimum of 1050 IU for a cash savings of $250 or a minimum of 2100 IU for a cash savings of $500. Enroll in FertilityAssist 2 between April 1 - November 30, 2008; second prescription must be received and shipped by Freedom Fertility Pharmacy™ on or before February 28, 2009.
Contact Information: 1-866-LETS-TRY (1-866-538-7879) or

Product: Name:  First Steps Program
Company: DesignRx®
Features: This program is available to self pay patients needing help paying for their medications. Patients who qualify based on income or hardship cases may receive to up to 75% off their prescription purchase price. Furthermore, everyone who applies will receive some level of discount, with the largest discounts reserved for those who demonstrate the largest financial need.
First Steps Program Details:

  • Discounts for patients with documented financial need and a valid prescription for Follstim® (follitropin beta for injection),or Ganirelix® (ganirelix acetate for injection),and Pregynl
  • Patients can save 25%, 50% or 75% off the available self-pay price at participating DesignRx pharmacies
  • A valid prescription for an eligible drug at a participating pharmacy
  • Benefit is available at DesignRx network pharmacies only
  • Patients may not combine this card with any rebate, coupon, free trial, or similar offer
  • Patient may use the discounts multiple times within a calendar year
  • Patients must reapply each year

Contact Information: or

Product Name: IVF and Adoption Gift Registry for Cash Contributions
Features: Create a Registry To Raise Money For Your Fertility or Adoption Needs
Deposit a Gift is an innovative way to share what you are going through with family and friends and give them an opportunity to provide you with financial and emotional support. The process is often unfamiliar and confusing to those who have not been through it. Here you can break it down into understandable parts so that they can contribute money to your different needs.
What You Get:

  • Micro-site to share your story with friends and family
  • Customizable cash gift registry to detail the process and allow people to contribute online via credit card
  • Chart to track contributions and thank supporters
  • Easy Redemption Options: Free ACH direct deposit or Personal Check
  • Password protection available

Don’t go through this alone. Your friends and family want to support you and understand more about what you are going through. Give them the opportunity to help you achieve your dream of becoming a parent.
Contact Information: Visit to get started. Or contact Deposit a Gift for personal assistance and to see examples via: or 646.504.7124

Product Name:  The IVF Financial Share Program
Company Name:  In Vitro Sciences
Features:  IVF refund program offers up to 3 fresh and 3 frozen cycles at an upfront discounted fee.  If a birth is not achieved, patient will receive a 70% refund.  Treatment must be received at an In Vitro Sciences Center of Excellence.  Financing is available through Springstone Patient Financing. 
Qualifications: Patient must be under the age of 38, unless donor eggs are utilized.   An application along with medical records is required to determine eligibility. 
Contact: Visit, or call 877-678-1999.

Product Name: Shared Risk 100% Refund Guarantee for IVF and Donor Egg
Company Name: Shady Grove Fertility
Features: Shared Risk 100% Refund Guarantee patients up to 6 fresh cycles of IVF or Donor Egg treatment for one flat fee. All frozen embryo transfer cycles are included in the fee. If you do not take home a baby or choose to stop treatment at anytime, you will receive a 100% refund - it's that simple. Financing is available through Fertility Finance.
Qualifications: Patients who have completed a full medical screening and are considered good candidates for IVF or Donor Egg are eligible for the Shared Risk 100% Refund Guarantee. Women must be less than 39 upon completion of the IVF cycles to be considered, unless using donor egg.
Contact: Visit, or call 888-761-1967.

Product Name: WINFertilitySM Quality Discount Treatment Program
Company Name: WINFertilitySM, Inc. Managing Infertility Treatments and Medications since 2000.
Features: The WINFertility Program offers patients a single, discounted package price (Treatment Bundles) for both medical treatment and infertility medications. Savings are up to 50% off the costs of unbundled fee-for-service treatments and retail medication prices. Treatment Bundles are purchased for individual cycles, making high quality treatment affordable without making multi-cycle commitments. Packages are available for Diagnosis, IUI, IVF, FET and Donor Egg Cycles with specific Treatment Bundles varying by practice. Financing assistance is available at preferred rates from nationally recognized lenders. There are no eligibility or qualifying criteria — all patients who have a medical indication for treatment are eligible for the program. Patients have access to FertilityCoach NursesSM on a 24/7 basis. Volume discount and dosing management savings are passed directly to patients who have no insurance coverage or those who have already exhausted their benefits.
Qualifications: Available to all who require treatment. The WINFertility Program is offered exclusively at fertility centers in the WINFertility network. Pharmaceuticals Covered: All infertility medications required for each treatment cycle are included in each Treatment Bundle price. Infertility medications are distributed exclusively through Walgreens Specialty Pharmacy.
Contact Information: Toll Free 1. 855.705. 4IVF (4483) or

This article originally appeared in Family Building magazine, Fall 2005. Updated September 2011.

This section of the RESOLVE website is made possible in part by support from WINFertility, Inc.