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The Specialty Pharmacy

A specialty pharmacy is a pharmacy exclusively dedicated to providing medications that require special storage, handling, or specialized knowledge of the condition being treated. These medications are usually high-cost, complex, and are not immediately available at regular retail pharmacies.

Because infertility treatment typically involves a complicated therapy regime, requires the use of medications that must be injected and/or refrigerated, and often necessitates close monitoring by a pharmacist or nurse, certain specialty pharmacies focus solely on patients with infertility. Of the more than 57,000 pharmacies in the United States, only about 125 specialize in infertility.

How Specialty Pharmacies Work

Learn more about specialty pharmacies and their benefits.

Specialty Pharmacy and Health Insurance

Specialty pharmacies not only take insurance, but many have staff to conduct insurance pre-screenings.

Specialty Pharmacy Tips from the Community

Learn about how other people have used specialty pharmacies to order fertility medications.

Specialty Pharmacies: The Inside Story on a Great Resource

Listen to this podcast and get the insidet story on specialty pharmacies.

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